Red [M+F 40’s] [oral][anal play]

part 1

I let the sports bag fall to floor as she embraced me, the door softly clicking closed behind me.
We kissed letting the built up excitement wash over us, we had been talking about this week for months, and now we were about to make it a reality.
We stood there enjoying the feel of finally having the other in our arms for the first time, taking in the presence of each other.  She stood back from me, a grin on her face as her red hair fell over one of her green eyes, “show me what’s in your bag, and I’ll show you what’s in mine”.

“Enough time for that later” I said, as she lead me into the suite, “we have other things to address first”.
I sat on the small sofa in the room, watching as she began to strip for me.

She teased me with how slowly she unbuttoned her blouse,  her green eyes sparkling as she watched me, watching her. Slowly she revealed the sheer purple bra, my heart began beat stronger from the excitement. Her pants were more of a trick, she let them roll off her hips, making a point to show off the fact her lingerie was a matched set. She stepped out of her pants and kicked them away, she straddled me, her breasts pressing into my face, I drank in the scent of the flowery perfume she had lightly applied between them. My hands moved up over her back, finding the clasp and undoing her bra, and it fell away she shifted to move a nipple to my mouth.
I took it between my lips and flicked my tongue over it, while my right hand moved up to the other nipple, pinching it between two fingers.

She began to grind against my stiffing cock, moaning lowly as I continued to suck on her nipples, alternating from one to the other, kissing them along with the gentle nibbles. “I’m so hard, I need to feel you” I told her, with a wicked grin on her lips, she slid off my hips, and reached for the waist of my pants, she made quick work of freeing my cock. I pulled my shirt over my head, as she pulled my pants and briefs down and off me.

She kneeled before me, and wrapped her lips around my cock, slowly taking it all in. I felt the back of her throat with the head of my cock, and she let out a quick gag. She let my cock out from between her lips, and licked the underside of my shaft. With my cock glistening with her saliva she rose and placed it between her breasts. She stroked my cock between them, licking at the head as it rose above them.
With one hand, I held her back so I could see her eyes as she worked my cock. “Mmmmm, that feels so good, keep that up and I’ll cum soon”. She began to suck and stroke my cock again, wanting to drink my cum down. I let a groan as I came, and she milked my cock to not miss a drop.

She laid her head on my lap, a satisfied look on her face as she continued to stroke my shaft. “Go get on the bed my dear, it’s my turn.”

I helped her to her feet, and she strutted to the bed, bending over and arching her back to give me a marvelous view of her ass. She hooked a thumb under the band of her panties, and began to peal them off. I stepped closer and with a soft hand, spanked her. “I wanted to do that” I told her, and slid them down her legs, leaving soft kisses on her thighs along the way.
She rolled over and sprawled out on the bed, a playful look in her eyes “I know, it’s what you get for the times you got me all worked up.” She let out a giggle I pulled her to the edge of the bed, and put her legs over my shoulders. There was already a few spots of her juices on her lips, and I was willing to taste her, tease her, and please her with my tongue.
With a finger on either side of her pussy, it opened to show me her soft pinkness. She tasted exquisite, and I couldn’t get enough of her on my tongue. As I explored her, I heard her light moans, and the occasional giggle. I wrapped my arm around her thigh, to reach over and gently pulled back her hood to expose her clit. I wrapped my lips around it and alternated between sucking on and licking it as my fingers slid between her lips. I felt her legs on my back, pulling us tighter into each other, and I eagerly doubled my efforts. The sounds of her pleasure increased, and she began rocking her hips in time with the movements of my fingers. The pressure pulling us into each over was almost painful as she climaxed, but soon it was gone as her giggles filled the air. My fingers slowly withdrew from her, and with her juices covering them dropped down and began to tease her tight and waiting ass. As I continued to lick and suck on her lips, my finger slowly slid into her ass, and her legs again started to pull me into her…

NSFW: yes

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