Red Eye Fun

My wife and I had a red-eye flight from San Francisco to Miami on a United Flight for our cruise.  My wife is a sexy Black woman, with a big butt, thick thighs, and soft and round D-cup tits.  She is 5’3” and usually the jealous type.  She ain’t letting no one get her man.  Me, I’m a chubby black guy, 5’8” with a nice thick package.  My wife had the window seat,  I had the middle seat, and another Black woman sat next to me in the aisle seat.  She too was on the thicker side.  She had dread locked hair, big lips, and her tits appeard to be large and drooping.  She was about 50 year old.  We are in our 40s.

As the plane took off, the three of us chatted and introduced ourselves.  She shared with us that she was single and headed to Miami to meet her gals for a “Girls Trip”.  Before the trip, I had joked with my wife about joining the Mile High Club, be we got a big laugh out of that, because we’re too big for us both to fit in the bathroom.  Anyway, after the snacks and some cocktails, my wife asked for a blanket and I went to the bathroom.  There was a line, so it took me about 7 to 10 minutes to get back.  When I got back, the ladies were having a little giggle fest.  I asked what I missed, and they laughed and my wife said, don’t worry – just girl talk.  

The cabin lights were dimmed and my wife laid her head on my shoulder as we flew.  Our neighbor had her head phones on with her blanket pulled up to her neck. My wife and I were holding hands, and I started nudge her hand towards my dick.  She took the hint and started rubbing my dick which got me hard.  Then she unbuckled my pants, unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out.  She began to stroke my hard cock — rubbing her palm and fingers over the tip of my dick and then stroking the shaft.  I reached around her to caress her back.  When I did, I noticed that she had unhooked her bra.  I was wondering when this happened.  Anyway, as she was working her hand magic on my dick, I let out a soft groan.  Thinking that I fucked up and gave us away, I glanced at our neighbor.  She smiled and winked at me.  Then I noticed some movement of her blanket and she reclined her seat.  I could tell that she had started to rub her pussy.  I was loving this.  My seat was already in the recline position, so I closed my eyes and was enjoying my wife playing with my dick.  Then I felt another wet had grab my cock.  My wife looked up at her and — I don’t even know how to describe the look she gave my wife, but it was mesmerizing.  She took her hand off my dick and rubbed her pussy again.  Then she put her finger to my wife’s lips, as to hush her.  Now my wife is quite submissive, so I kinda understood this woman  was a Top.  Then to my amazement, she put her had back in her pussy and brought it out soaking wet and placed it in my wife’s mouth.  At this point, I’m fighting back busting a nut, because this scene is so hot.

After my wife sucked her fingers for about a minute, (Ok – maybe 30 seconds), my wife gave me a kiss.  Then this older black vixen put her pussy juice in my mouth.  OMG – her juices were so sweet.  At this point, I couldn’t hold back.  I started to buck in my seat and she resumed helping my wife jack me off to a big nut.   Then she scooped up as much as she could and put it in her mouth, making the “Mmmm…” sound. She sucked her fingers dry and then put her fingers back on my dick and got some cum to feed to my wife.  Then she gave my wife the “come here” motion with her finger and  started tongue kissing my wife.  This was all crazy, because my wife and I have talked about her being with another woman, but had never actually been sexual with another woman.  After their kiss, she leaned back in her seat and placed my right hand underneath her blanketed shirt and had me rub her tits and long nipples.  Then the moved my hand down to her pussy.  I fingered her wet pussy until she creamed all over my hand.  She kissed me on the forehead and whispered in my ear, “Now go take care of your wife.”  I tugged on my wife’s nipples and then got her to undo her pants so that I could finger fuck her.  She bit down on my shoulder as she came hard.  This was an amazing flight!

In the morning, after we landed, we said our good byes and she thanked my wife for sharing.  On our ride to the cruise ship, my wife told me that the woman complemented her for having such a cute and husky man.  She had been in an interracial relationship that didn’t work out and missed having some Black dick.  At some point they talked about getting comfortable for the long flight and agreed to undo each other’s bras.  They talked about how naughty and free it felt to be hanging loose in a plane full of strangers, and they were giggling because they realized that if anyone cared – “Fuck them”, because they’ed probably never see them again.  Then my wife said to me, I hope that satisfies your wish for a 3-some.  It wasn’t what I envisioned for my 3-some fantasy, but I cannot complain, because it was an amazing experience.  

NSFW: yes

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