Recent experience in Ontario woods – Short Sex Story

I am a woman, in my early 30s, in decent shape. I have all the time been a fairly open and adventurous person. I enjoy heading off exploring back roads and places off the beaten path. Fortunately, I have an Jeep-like SUV that allows me into these places. On Wednesday, I was exploring some back roads leading toward Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, namely the Grant and Bissett Creek areas. There was no one around, I did not see a soul, not to mention it was very warm and the bugs were bad. I came to a bridge with some water below, I took my clothes off and went swimming, fully nude, once I cooled off, I sat on some rocks near the water to dry off and I must have dozed off, when I woke up, I heard the noise of something coming toward me in the forest. I was parked on the side of the road, but where I was located, near the water, I was no longer visible from the road. It turned out, it was someone from the business responsible for maintaining the road. I guess my vehicle was in the way of the grader he was operating, as they are very wide. Long story short, he found me naked, on the rocks!

This all happened in the matter of seconds, I had no time to get dressed, I apologized for not being far enough off the road and said I would be up to move it shortly, he was certainly looking at me, but he was generally pretty quiet, not too sure where to look! He was very attractive though, tall, great tan, good shape and seemed like a nice person. I have somewhat of a weakness for that blue coller, hard working type. I could have gotten dressed down there, but decided to walk out to my vehicle nude. He was standing by his machine waiting, he was surprised I was not dressed I think, I threw my clothes and stuff in the passenger seat and drove ahead to a wider location and got well off the road. As he passed with the machine, I was sitting in my car, I rubbed my breasts and bit and pussy a bit, he checked me out as he passed. Then he stopped the machine and walked over toward me. I decided to keep feeling myself, he came to the driver side window and looked in at me. He reached in and touched my breasts and then he licked his fingers and made his way to finger me, I was already so wet, and he could tell I needed more than just his fingers.

He told me to follow him about 1 km to a location he knows that he thinks I would like, get there, small path leading to some water with big flat rocks. He didn’t say much the whole time, but once we got the spot, I proceeded to offer myself to him, I laid back on the rock, he took his shirt off and undid his pants, revealing a hard, thick penis, I laid back and he proceeded to mount me missionary style, feeling him enter me was the culmination of a great day of exploring. After 20 or so enjoyable minutes by the water, as the sun was starting to go behind the trees, I felt his body tense up, then he pulled out and released all over me.

He pulled his pants back up and literally walked away, leaving me there covered in his seed to take it all in.

NSFW: yes

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