Real story of a gloryhole, me (f37) and my friend (m28) told by me.

Real story of a gloryhole, me (f37) and my friend (m28) told by me.

u got the invitation from your rich boss that told you about this place. invitation only by member… after taking your clothes off you are a bit unsure where to begin… there is a small pink sign showing where are glory holes. your dick is really thirsty tonight…  there is two holes but at one of them some man just finished with a big orgasm and left . you stick your semi hard penis inside.. nothing happens at first but you can feel warm breath coming on your dick…. next feeling is overwhelming… nice soft warm lips begin sucking on your cock.. you never been so hard in your life… sharp nails are squeezing your balls in the rhythm of slow deep thrusts… your are getting close… looks like the guy next to you is having fun too… 

suddenly when you think you will shoot she stops sucking and starts kissing base of your cock… making circles all over her face, cheeks.. her forehead.. and cleavage… than she shows how hard her nipples feels on your cock….. your imagine how she is dancing around that cock of yours on the other side

both of her hands reaches out through side holes you didn’t know existed, your admire her french manicure… now u know why they are so sharp… than she grabs your ass and pulls you closer to your side of the wall and takes you dick back to her mouth giving you deepest blow you ever had

u think the man next to you is annoyed with girl that serves him, he starts knocking to get some more attention to his cock.. next minute hands moving away from your ass leaving red marks on you and its look like they are pleasing your neighbor… before you noticed only pleasure you are getting is strong pulsating hand job… the guy is moving his hips so fast.. from the noise he makes you know he is close… next minute he finishes…you can hear loud swallowing noise

that is making you close.. you can feel more fingers on your cock and balls now

your girl is back… she isn’t sucking you anymore but she grabs you cock and touches her hard clit… feels amazing when she is doing circles around her vulva almost crushing your dick… and next she allows you to enter her warm tight pussy…oh my good she is so much tighter than your girlfriend… she asks you to say when u will be close so she can compare your semen and her husbands she just swallowed… wifey pulls you by your cock and balls trying to stick into her even more of your dick

you want to punish her for cheating and cum inside her but she can feel how hard and throbbing your cock started to be.. wife goes on her knees again and starts finishing you off… your dick is destroying her mouth and after few seconds  you are cumming deep inside her throat

you noticed that her husband was looking at his wife the whole time by the hole.. than he asks: 
So Monica, who tasted better? She swallows the last drops of cum and replays that is was your semen

NSFW: yes

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