Real photoshoot experience – convinced to do more

So I’ve been a long time lurker on this sub, but finally decided to post some of my own stories.
I’ve created this profile to post as I want to keep my main one separate.
I’m gonna begin off with one of my absolute favourite experiences ever (a few years ago now).
I’ve added in a couple of slight embellishments, but it’s about 95% true.
I’m Lainey, and my boyfriend at the time (Damien), booked us to do a couples ‘sexy’ photoshoot. I’ve got a pretty good body (5’4, slim, nice c cups), and I did like the idea of having some sexy shots, so I agreed.
We drove to the studio on a Saturday, just after lunchtime. It was in the city in a fairly old building on a middle floor. It was open plan, and did look very professional (exposed beams and brick walls).
A guy called Mark (white, about 6ft, average looking but well built) met us at the door and gave us a quick show around. He then introduced us to Hayley (white, about 5’5, skinny, rather cute) who worked there and Adam (mixed race around 5’10, good looking). He then showed us to a changing room and told us to pick any of the outfits, freshen up and then come back out.
My boyfriend stripped to his boxer shorts and put a white shirt and tie on. I was gonna pick out one of the many underwear sets, but my boyfriend thrust something into my arms “you’d look amazing in this!” He said. I held it up and realised it was basically just bdsm type straps that go around your tits and body, not covering anything at all! “No chance” I told him. He was super persistent though, so in the end I agreed to wear it but with a lacy chemise and a thong, where you could see the strap outlines, but it wasn’t transparent enough to see much else. I also slipped on some black heels. He grumped a bit, but agreed on the compromise.
It was pretty nerve-wracking stepping back out, but we soon settled into it, with Mark taking the pictures, Hayley doing the lighting and Adam moving props about. They had me bend slightly over a desk with Damien behind me like he was my reprimanding boss. At this point, I admit, I was absolutely getting turned on!
We did a few more poses, and then Mark said “so how racy are you two wanting to go? Any x rated stuff?”. My boyfriend immediately responded “lets find out”. He removed his shirt and boxers, and was stood there naked, with a huge erection! Hayley let out a wolf whistle and the other guys had a chuckle. “Well?” Said Hayley, “are you going to join him?”.
I slowly pulled the chemise off. My heart was pounding. I dropped it to the floor and slowly stepped out of it. My nipples went rock hard, (which I was acutely aware of!). “And the thong” said my boyfriend. I pulled it down and let it slide down my legs, onto my heels, and stepped out of it.
I looked up. Mark, Hayley and Adam were all looking me, stood there with my tits completely exposed, and my little slit now visible.
“Ok, lets start with with you sitting on the desk Lainey” said Mark. “And Damien, if you stand next to her. Ok, Lainey, put your hand around his dick like you’re giving him a handjob.”. I put my hand around Damiens cock. I don’t think I’d ever felt it as hard. “Now Damien if you put your fingers against her pussy, like you’re sliding them in”.
Damiens fingers brushed against my already soaked pussy, it was absolute ecstasy.
“Lets try and loosen it up a bit” said Mark. “It’s not looking natural. Pretend you are actually getting each other off, let out some fake moans, imagine you’re doing it!”
I jokingly did a couple of fake moans and Damien did a couple of grunts. All of a sudden, Damien catches my eyes, smirks at me, and slides 2 of his fingers in me. At this point I let out a huge moan, that was very much not fake. He starts finger fucking me slowly, and omg it felt like heaven. I kept glancing at Mark taking the photos. I thought if he could see how wet I was.
“Really good guys” said Mark. “Lainey, if you now get on your knees in-front of the desk, and put your mouth on his cock, like you’re giving a blow job”. At this point I was like putty in their hands. I dropped to my knees and put the tip of Damiens cock in my mouth.
Damien started gently mouth fucking me. “Oh wow that looks really hot guys!” said Hayley. “Lainey, look right into the camera” said Mark. “Now if this is too far just tell me, but what would look great now, is if you squat whilst doing that, with your legs apart, and make it look like you’re touching yourself. What do you think?”
“Ok” I mumbled. My pussy had been screaming to be touched, so I gladly put my hand immediately between my legs. So here I was, practically naked, my boyfriends dick in my mouth, and my legs spread basically masturbating for 3 strangers. I can not tell you how much of a rush it was.
Should I post part 2?
Ok, part 2….
“Lainey, if you now go around the other side of the desk and bend over it, and Damien if you go behind her and make it look like you’re giving her a good time!”. I immediately obeyed Marks directions and bent over, facing Mark and Hayley. As Damien came around to me, I said “don’t you dare start fucking me!”. Another smirk from him told me he was gonna have me anyway.
I felt him slowly push into me and begin fucking me, and oh my god did it feel good.
Again, Marks direction was to look into the camera, which was hard as I could feel an orgasm building. The taboo of cumming in-front of these strangers made it even harder to control, I had never felt such pure pleasure. I fought it for as long as I could but then the orgasm took hold fairly quickly. I was screaming, my body was shaking, I collapsed on the desk in a mess, pushing Damien out of my soaked pussy.
After a minute or so I looked up. Mark had a big grin on his face and Adam clearly had a boner. Hayley broke the silence – “I’ll have what she’s having” she quipped. We all started laughing.
“Your confidence seems to have built up, and we’ve already seen everything. Do you want me to film as well as pictures? We do a lot of work with onlyfans girls, we’re used to it.” Mark proposed.
“Honestly, there’s no need to feel embarrassed, it’s all good!”. He was clearly directing this at me as Damien was so obviously up for it.
“What the hell” I said, “lets make some porn!”
“Fantastic! Let’s get you out here from behind that desk!” Said Mark “and lets lose the straps and just have you completed naked”.
I stripped out of the straps, not that they were covering anything anyway, but I somehow did feel even more exposed now.
Mark got Damien to sit on a couch, then directed me to climb on top of him whilst facing the camera (from a quick Google I think this is reverse cowgirl!). He told me to slowly ride Damien whilst looking at the camera. The complete exposure and submission was intoxicating. My legs were wide aside, they could clearly see Damiens cock going in and out as I rose up and down, my tits swaying slightly as I moved.
“Lainey, if you just perch now, and Damien you take over doing the work. And if you then touch yourself whilst he’s fucking you Lainey”.
Yep, Mark had managed to somehow discover a way to raise the tempo yet again! Damien started fucking me, and my hand moved down to begin playing with my lips. Whilst I touched myself, I spread my lips aside, wanting to show Mark, Hayley and Adam everything. I then really started concentrating on my clit. Right on cue, Damien started fucking me harder, and speeding up. I could feel the crescendo building.
“Adam, move in close with the second camera” said Mark, sensing my moment was coming.
I screamed so loudly, there must have been people outside that heard. The orgasm in that moment was the most intense thing I had ever experienced.
Obviously too much for Damien he grunted and I could feel his cum pulsing into me. He moved out from under me and I collapsed onto the couch exhausted.
“Hayley, if you hold her legs in the air, lets get a cream pie shot” I felt Hayley gently take my ankles, and lift my legs in the air and aside. Adam held a light over me, and Mark had his camera about a foot from my pussy. I felt Damiens cum push out of me, and run onto my thigh. “Oh shit” whispered Hayley, it sounded like she was in awe.
“Ok, lets go and take a quick look at what we’ve got over here at the computer” said Mark, “obviously this is unedited, but it’ll give you an idea”.
I slowly got up and said “I’ll just get dressed”, but Mark interjected “no need, honestly it’ll only be 5 minutes”.
I thought over to the computer as Mark started the playback. All of a sudden reality hit me. Now that I’d been satisfied and it was over, I was very much aware that I was completely naked infront of 3 strangers, and had my boyfriends cum still rolling down my legs.
I tried to act typical whilst then looking at the pictures and watching the video of me and Damien fucking. Admittedly it did look very good.
“Well, we’ll be in touch in a few days once we’ve edited them” said Mark as the final cum scene ended. “Feel free to go and get dressed”.
Myself and Damien turned and walked back to the dressing room. I could feel Mark and Adams eyes watching my ass as I walked, the cum still wet between my thighs. I liked that they were watching.
“I cannot believe we just did that” I said to Damien as we got dressed. He grinned at me – “we are 100% doing that again” he said.
I rolled my eyes, but secretly I was in complete agreement!

NSFW: yes

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