Ray and Mackenzie – Part 3 – Getting Pumped [M43F35][Risky Creampie][Titjob][Gym][Coworkers][Relationship Questions]

The storm continued to rage on. Our hair was still damp from the encounter in the shower earlier in the day. Mackenzie and I were sitting on the couch, cuddled together, and the final credits from the movie we watched began strolling across the screen.

“Is there anything you need to do today?” I asked as I ran my fingers through her hair, pulling back the strand that had fallen into her face.

“I should probably head home at some point. I need to make sure Oscar has food. I don’t have anything with me, so if I’m sleeping here again tonight, I should get a change of clothes.”

“If you’d prefer, I can back some clothes and stay at your place tonight instead,” I offered, unsure of her response.

“I’d like that. How about you? Have anything that needs to be done on your day off?”

I considered my day, “Not really. I was planning on going to the gym for a while. Other than that, I have no plans.”

“Oh! Is that the gym on Fourth?” she asked.

“Nope, it’s a small place my buddy owns. It’s in the industrial park behind McCurdy’s. Hell, it’s not even a real gym. He converted a room in the back of the warehouse for him to put his equipment. His wife said, “Jerry, get this shit out of the fucking house, or you won’t be buying any more toys!” so he moved it from the garage to make room for his four-wheelers and a trailer.”

As I mimicked Rhonda’s voice, Mackenzie started to laugh hysterically.

“I don’t know who Jerry is, but if his wife sounded like that, I’d have moved my ass to the warehouse, not my gym equipment.”

I mimicked the voice again, adding a thick southern drawl, “Oh, Zee! I’m sick of these men! Want to rub beavers?”

I couldn’t finish the fucking sentence before I joined her in laughter.

“I’m sorry, that was ridiculous,” I said, tears streaming down my eyes.

Zee joined in, creating a comedic voice, “Well, miss, I reckon my beaver would love to bump fuzzies with another lovely lady beaver. But, you see. This beaver has been busy with the hound from over yonder.”

She cupped her hand over my crotch, “And he’s one horny hound.”

“True story,” I said while holding my side, which was beginning to cramp from the laughter.

I had cared about Mackenzie for as long as we had been partners, but it was strictly platonic. I felt apprehensive last night, not wanting things to change, but perhaps I was being naive. I was still concerned about a workplace relationship or if this was even gonna become a relationship. Or merely a fling that will pass along with the storm. My heart sank at the wondered that this may only be temporary, but I suppose only time will tell.

“Since we’re both on shift tomorrow, I’ll pack my overnight bag, and we can head out,” I say, standing from the couch.

“Alright,” she says, grabbing my hand and pulling me down for a quick kiss.

I headed to the bedroom and started packing my bag. It’s those small exchanges that make me question how things are progressing. It wasn’t a deep kiss; there was no lust. At the same time, it wasn’t a kiss I’d give Grandma. It was the sort of gentle kiss that you’d give your significant other before they headed off to work. It was meaningful.

I selected a few clothes I’d need for the gym and a few extra days and tossed them into my overnight bag along with my workout shoes. After packing some toiletries, I was ready to go. I carried the bag to the living room.

“You ready to go?” I asked.

Zee was wearing the clothes that had been sitting in the dryer overnight.


I pulled an umbrella from the closet and handed it to Mackenzie.

“So you don’t get soaked walking to the car. My car’s in the garage, so I’ll follow you home,” I said as I threw on a raincoat.

“Sounds good,” she said as she took the umbrella.

“Oh, and Zee, please drive safe.”

She nodded and stepped through the door onto the porch, opening the umbrella before stepping into the rain. Closing the door behind her, I set both locks.

Sheets of rain pounded on the roof of my car. Even with the windshield wipers on full, the world was almost invisible behind the splashing water. If it weren’t for the red glow of Mackenzie’s lights, I would have no idea where she was. Luckily, there weren’t many people driving around in this weather. The roads were terrible. The intersections flooded, and the curbs had rapidly flowing water running down the street.

We stopped at Mackenzie’s place briefly, just long enough for her to throw her gym clothes into a smaller bag than mine. I consolidate my clothes from my overnighter into hers. Then drove together in my car for twenty minutes. Neither one of us said much, but our fingers remained interlocked between the others for the entire drive. We pulled into the back of the warehouse, and I pulled out the keycard and tapped it on the reader. A green light flashed, and I pulled the door open.

“It’s just here to the right,” I said, walking to the second door and tapping the card on the second reader.

Jerry had put a lot of work into his private gym. No longer just the equipment from the garage, Jerry had acquired additional equipment, weights, and mirrors that ran along the wall opposite the tinted window facing outside.

On the far wall, opposite the door we entered, were changing rooms draped with black curtains. They were for the busy days when five to ten people would work out. Even though Zee had seen me in my full grandeur, I pulled my clothes from the shared back and entered one of the two rooms to change.

My gym shorts were dual-layered. The outside layer was loose-fitting and royal purple, similar to basketball shorts. The inner layer was tight, almost like bicycle shorts. My shirt was a snug-fitting black tank that formed around my chest and abs. I finished the ensemble with a pair of black high-top Nikes with mid-calf white socks.

“All yours,” I said to Zee, leaving the bag open in the changing room.

I walked to the exercise bike, working up to 70rpms, an ideal speed for cardio. About two minutes into my workout, Zee comes from the changing room. She wore light pink yoga shorts and a matching sports bra that may have been a little small. She pulled her hair into a high and tight ponytail. Mackenzie had a great body, not too thin, yet not close to being considered chubby. As she approached, I noticed her shorts formed around her like a second skin.

“You know, if I hadn’t seen you naked before, I’d know what your pussy looked like,” I said to her as she positioned herself on the elliptical machine to my right.

“Is that a bad thing?” she asked with a smile.

“No, not at all.”

I hadn’t sexually looked at Mackenzie, that was, until last night. If things hadn’t changed so much last night, would I still look at her this way? Her tits bounced as she used the machine, and I couldn’t help but imagine my cock pressed between her tits. The hornier I got, the faster I pedaled, bringing the RPM to 75. Within 15 minutes, we were both pouring sweat and 30 minutes in, I started my cool down.

I switched to the rowing machine behind Mackenzie after I finished my workout. From here, I could see that her sweat caused a ling to form between her ass cheeks, and I realized working out was becoming impossible. I dropped the handles and walked up behind Zee. She slowed as I placed my hand on her ass. She turned her head and smiled, welcoming the touch.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You’re too fucking hot.”

She stepped off her machine.

“Aww, is my ass distracting?” she asked, reaching back behind her and cupping her hands over my ass.

“Maybe a little.”

She pressed herself against my stiffening penis and started to gyrate her hips. I slid one hand under her waistband and curled a finger inside, the other grasping her tit.

“You don’t know what you do to me,” I growled into her ear, then sucked her earlobe into my mouth, causing her to gasp and her pussy to clench around my finger.

“You can…” she let out another gasp. “You can see what you’re doing to me too.”

She parted her legs, allowing me to bring more of my hand between them, and pushed another finger inside. My other hand had pulled her tit from the sports bra, and my fingers circled her hard nipple. She leaned her head against my chest and basked in the pleasure building within. Her pulse increased, and her cunt periodically cleared around me. I knew she was close, but I didn’t want to feel her cum around my fingers. I wondered back to last night and craved that feeling of her pussy milking my cock again. Finally, the moment I felt her about to cum, I pulled my fingers from her depths and dragged them up her stomach, leaving a glistening trail of her juice.

As soon as my hand left her body, she turned and pulled me toward the workout bench near the mirrors. Once there, her hands passed under my shirt as she explored my chest and abs. Then, she dropped to her knees and yanked my shorts down, causing my cock to spring upward. She took my cock into her hand and licked up my length. Her face scrunched up.

Seeing her dislike, I said, “Sorry, I’m a little sweaty.”

She laughed, “Yea, maybe a little. It looks like we can skip the foreplay.”

“No, not entirely,” I said, taking her by the shoulders, turning her around, and guiding her onto her back. “I’ve wanted to do this since you were on the elliptical.”

I stepped out of my shoes and kicked the shorts free. I was gonna need a wide stance to do this. I brought my leg up over Zee’s toned stomach and pressed the head of my cock under the band of her sports bra.

“Oh?” she said. “Let me help.”

The fact that her tits were soaking with sweat made it easy to push my cock into her cleavage. I took hold of the barbell above her head and used the leverage to fuck her tits. Every thrust caused them to jiggle like a waterbed. She pressed her tits together, increasing the pressure around my cock. With a few more strokes, my balls tightened as they forced precum up my shaft and pooled on her chest.

“Not like that,” she said, pushing my cock from her tits. The sudden and unexpected caress almost sent me over the edge. I pinched my cock tightly under the head, feeling it pulsate until I regained composure.

“If you’re going to cum…” she said as she lifted herself from the bench and pushed me down onto my back. Zee continued, ” Then you’re going to cum inside my tight, wet pussy.”

Zee kicked off her shoes and turned around, facing away. As good as her ass looked in those shorts, it looked even better bare. I could see a drop of grool dangle from her lips in the gap between her thighs. She stood over my dick, took it in hand, and angled it upward to point directly at her pussy. She slowly lowered herself until he could see his cock was an inch away from her pussy. He could feel the string of her juices that he had seen earlier swing and collect on the underside of his dick.

“Ready?” Zee asked.

She knew he was, but she didn’t expect him to take hold of her thighs and thrust up into her.

“Oh, Fuck!” she screamed with unexpected pleasure.

See leaned forward, pressing her hands against the foot of the bench, and bounced up and down on my cock. Her ass slammed onto my stomach as she continuously pushed me deep into her. A powerful throbbing of my cock has forced more precum into her already soaking wet pussy.

Nothing was loving or sensual about this. It was fucking in the most primal form. Sweat and sex permeated the air in their unmistakable scent. Zee sank to my base and looked over her shoulder.

“Want to see a trick?” she asks with the slightest hint of a smile.

“Uh, sure?” I said.

She slid back up, holding the head of my cock inside her, and began to twerk.

“Fuck!” I screamed in surprise.

The tip of my cock shook as her cunt rapidly squeezed and released around me. The over-stimulation sent waves of pleasure to course over my body. It was impossible to hold back.

“I’m cumming,” I said as the first two rapid contractions surged the cum from my filled balls.

Her pussy lips were pushing against my base by the third ejaculation, and that’s when my orgasm had triggered hers. Her legs quivered violently as her pussy contracted around me, drinking the cum from me.

“Yes baby, yes! Give it all to me,” she said as she reached down and began massaging by pulsating balls. “Yes, just like that.”

Everything has been so sudden. We never talked about this relationship, if it can even be called that. We hadn’t talked about birth control. I still haven’t worn a condom, and Zee hasn’t said whether or not she was on the pill. None of that even mattered now. What’s done is done, and there’s no reason to worry about it.

We stayed in place until both of our orgasms subsided. As Mackenzie slid off my cock, our cum spilled onto my shaft and balls.

“I didn’t think to bring a towel,” I said, stroking my cum covered cock.

Zee stood there with her legs closed tight, trying to make sure not to drip onto the floor. I took some paper towels from the dispenser, cleaning the white cream from my cock and throwing it away. I pulled a few more paper towels and handed it to Mackenzie. She gathered as much of the combined fluids as efficient with the rough surface, than slid her yoga shorts back up. I rubbed between her legs, feeling the now soaked fabric.

“I think we need another shower,” Mackenzie said, walking toward the changing rooms.

“That’s probably a good idea.”

We gathered our belongings and drove back to Mackenzie’s place.

While in the shower, I read the notification bell of my phone.

“Who do you think that is?”

“I’m not sure,” I said.

We continued to kiss and caress each other in the shower. I wanted to talk to Mackenzie. To understand how she felt. However, this probably wasn’t the right time or place for that. That conversation will need to happen sooner rather than later.

i stepped out from the shower, wrapping the towel around me and looking at my phone and immediately began to laugh.

“What?” Zee asked.

“It’s Jerry. It says,” I began to read aloud.

Hey buddy,

This is just a reminder to wipe up your sweat when you’ve finished working out. The weight bend obviously hadn’t been cleaned, and you were the only person here. I don’t charge you anything, just please…keep it clean. That’s all I ask.

Mackenzie laughed, “I don’t think it was JUST sweat.”

“Yea, I’m pretty sure there was more than that.”

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