Rape Play

Hey sorry for the hard inactivity. when u all want i begin being active again, let me know in my dm’s 😀

So for the last month me and my boyfriend started a thing. It is like rape Play i guess. He has the permission to use me anywhere at anytime he wants. So here i will tell u all a situation, happend a while ago. Some friends came over. My Girl and Boy beat friend so we all could play some Mario Cart on the Nintendo switch, obviously I was winning the whole time *-*

I was sitting on the ground and after another win my boyfriend came behind me and put his hand on my Throat and started to choke me. I fucking loved it, while this my girl and boy best friend just continued gaming and he played with my tits while choking me. Oml I was getting wet so fucking fast. I could swear my panties got Soaking wet. He pushed me down on the ground with my face down and my ass up and ripped my leggings so my panties gets free.

He started spanking me really hard and I swear my whole ass was red after this. He started to rub his fingers over my panties and I loved everything. i tried to raise my head up but he pushed it back down and started to move my panties to the side. He moved a finger over my dripping wet pussy and without fingering first, he pushed his cock all way inside me. A moan came out auf my mouth and he started to fuck me as rough as at all times.

My head is still pushed on the ground and I can not stop moaning while i am getting used in front of my friends. He spanked me while fucking and Ioved every second of it. It is so fucking good… “U are my little slut!”, he said with a really hard spank on my ass. “Yes daddy!”, i respond and he continued fucking the shit out of me. “I am cumming daddy!”, i nearly screamed with a moan and not long after this i came and squirted a bit so the floor got really wet.

Not long after this he started to fuck me faster and faster and pushed my head so hard it is feasible on the ground while cumming all the way inside me. He put his cock out of me and I felt the cum dripping out of my pussy while i look up to my girl best friend. “U wanna lick me clean?”, i ask nearly breathless and she went down on the ground, rolled me over and started to lick my pussy all clean and kissing me after. I laid there for like half an hour before I could get up.

This was all. Feel free do DM me! love u all <3

NSFW: yes

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