Random quickie with a guy in the gym showers

One day at the gym I was changing for a shower in the locker room area. When I noticed another guy eyeing me from across the room. I took my time changing making sure he would see me as I changed rapping a towel around as I walked to the showers.
I gave him a simple wink and he followed after me.

I opened the door to the shower and tossed my towel on the bench. Next thing I knew he was behind me kissing my neck. Running his hands down my body. His towel was still on but I could feel his cock growing. I didn’t catch his name before his hands were on my cock.

I turned around to kiss him, pulling the towel revealing his big cock. We went under the shower head he grabbed both our cocks and began pumping them. We kissed as he continued stoking his cock was pulsing as he began to cum I could feel the ropes landing on me he let go as I crouched down to clean his cock off. I stood back up wiped my mouth.

Here I am sucking a complete strangers cum off his cock and I still didn’t know his name. I ask him what his name was and he said Brian. Finial a name to this mystery man with a big cock and wonderful cum. Brian got on his knees and started to suck my cock this entire experience had me through the roof I was ready to cum I moan I was about to cum but he only went deeper till I couldn’t take it anymore I filled his mouth with my cum and he sucked down every last drop.

We both showered off and kissed a bit till exiting the room and going our separate methods. I have never seen him again nor did I get his number.

NSFW: yes

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