Random One Nighter

I was in the city one night out at a nightclub with a group of friends and one of the guys I kind of knew had brought this chick with him.

Fast forward to later in the night this guy was getting increasingly drunk and eventually got kicked out but “his chick” stayed.

We kept partying and it came to closing time and there were only a few of us left. By this time it early in the morning and we all went our separate methods except for me and this chick.

Now, I drove my car in the night before and planned to sleep in my car before driving home the next morning. I asked this chick where she lived and how she was getting home? and it turned out she only live 15 mins from me, which is an hour out of the city.

I asked her if she wanted to rest I. The car for a little bit for me to sober up and I will drive her home, she said sure.

We get back to my car and I hop in the back seat to lay down and she gets in too. Thinking nothing of it I was like oh hey, cool.

5 mins goes past an I’m sitting upright and she’s laying her head in my lap. Something was in the air, I could feel something was gonna happen. So I gently started to rub the outside of her leg, she wriggled and began rubbing the inside of mine.

I moved from her leg to her but, gently massage like motions, grabbing it, spreading it. She began moaning and started to rub my hard cock over my pants. I could feel her pussy and wet she was, her panties were soaking.

She lifts her head out of my lap, I take my pants off and reveal to her my throbbing cock. She starts sucking and stroking me as I’m reaching around grabbing her ass and playing with her pussy.

She sat up and got completely undressed. I took this opportunity to switch positions, I laid across my seats on my back and she climbed on top, took my cock and slowly slid onto it, *HOLY FUCK!* I’m thinking as it goes in.

She was slowly grinding on me, her breasts were in my face, I’m spreading her ass wide open as she’s slowly fucking me.

I then rolled her over on this tiny seat so we were in the spooning position, with one leg in the air, we were having some heavy sex, both of us sweating, windows fogged up. I can only imagine the car was rocking violently.

She came first, then I. I came inside her. Breathless we laid there for another, what felt like 10 mins. *What just happened?* *Fuck!*

The car smelling of sex, we got dressed and I drove her home.

That was one of the most random one nighter I have had.

NSFW: yes

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