Rachel’s Online Adventure – Short Sex Story

A few of you may remember a while back when my 27 yr old wife Rachel asked if she could download Tinder again, and we had some fun scrolling through profiles.
About a week or two after that, we were on vacation in Penticton and she decided to see if any of those local boys would swipe right on her.

Rachel has at all times had a thing for muscular men, so when she matched with a personal trainer I knew it was gonna be a good evening. As usual, she didn’t mention being married (that’s scared a few boys off) but started flirting with him. They chatted for about 2 hours before I encouraged her to begin to tease him. When she mentioned wanting to see more of his body, they moved over to SnapChat, which she hadn’t done with any guys before.

We went to the bedroom and in minutes I was face down in my wife’s pussy while she sexted with a stranger. I honestly have not felt her that wet in 9 years of marriage. He began to describe what he was gonna do to her, and this man had a real talent for writing. Every message he sent, I would read first, and then I would act it out as she read it. I was rock hard knowing she was imagining his tongue on her clit instead of mine.

They exchanged some tasteful photos and then some naughty ones. When he finally sent a cock pic, I almost came in my shorts as my wife gasped, shoved my head harder against her pussy and fucked my face as she moaned “Fuck babe, his cock is so thick”. I got out our toy (the one that’s thicker than me) and began to fuck her with it while still licking up all her wetness.

A few messages later she moaned and whispered “he wants to watch me play with myself”. I asked if she wanted to and she admitted yes. So I told her how hot that was, and said she should. Sitting on the bed and watching as my wife fucked herself hard and fast, and sent the videos to a stranger, had me exploding in no time. Cumming on myself as she came on a thick cock for him. I hope he enjoyed the show as much as I did.

NSFW: yes

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