Rachel contacts me again [PREG] [cheating] [anal][33/28] – Short Sex Story

Repost – ages included

Hey all. I previously posted about my (mis) adventure with my friends pregnant wife, Rachel. Will link in comments.

So a couple of days had passed. My head still a little frazzled from what had happened previously. Steve called a couple of times and I told him all was good, Rachel was fine. Rachel carried on as typical. I carried on as typical with my wife, Jen. But inside I’m bursting. Bursting to tell someone what happened. The images still vivid in my head of what had happened.

Its morning this time. Jen is off at the shops and I’m at home doing nothing much. A text. Rachel’s sweet face pops up on WhatsApp.

“I’m really sorry to annoy you but could you come by this morning? Need you to get something for me.”

I’m a mix of excitement and trepidation. Am I gonna relive last week’s tit fucking experience? God I hope so I think, while at the same time I get some pangs of guilt.

I tell her I’ll be right over. And yeah, I have a quick shower and make sure I’m smelling good.

I head over to her house and as I walk up I notice the door open. I knock and walk in

“Hey Rachel, it’s me.”

“I’m in here” she calls back. She means the kitchen.

I walk toward the kitchen. “Cold today isn’t…”

I don’t finish my sentence. She stood there in a silk gown, open. Her bump exposed. I see her heavy pale breasts in a pink lacy bra. It’s true about some pregnant women – they glow. Rachel was glowing and she was pretty hard to withstand. She has a look in her eye. It’s devilish.

She bites her lip as she begins to speak.

“I’m sorry to do this, I honestly am (is she?). Buuuttt…”

This is where my dick takes over, to my shame.

I smile warmly “it’s fine Rachel, I’m here for whatever you need” Steve’s told me about her anal craving… It couldn’t be that, could it?

She gasps and she’s a little off with her breathing. Call it anxiety or what, but she wasn’t in control

“if I don’t get what I need, I don’t know what I’ll do” I hear a little sob, she looks at the floor. “I feel so so fucking terrible on Steve and jen. And you! But I… I need Steve… You.. Jesus anyone in my… In my ass… I need that feeling so badly. I need it raw, I need to feel skin in me.” she sobs more

I put my hands on her shoulders. “Hey cmon Rachel, it’s ok. Don’t fret. We can fix this. *my dick is growing with each passing moment. I decide to seize this moment, rightly or wrongly* I mean we shouldn’t, we really, really shouldn’t, but if it’s all that will fix this for you then well I guess I’ll do it for you.” I gulp. She calms a little. Looking up at me

“Are you sure? You don’t have to. But I don’t know what I’ll do if you don’t. Probably go crazy” little bitch. Is she playing a game too?

“let’s just get it done.” I nod. She nods too and slips her gown off. She looks amazing. I decide not to tell her and after a quick glance up and down I look away. She turns and awkwardly takes her underwear off, leaving them at her feet. She places her hands on the counter, and sticks her back out for me a little.

She reaches for the baby oil and works it into her asshole as I take my pants off. Yeah, I watched her do it and yeah I stroked my dick a little but hell I was throbbing already.

I took the oil from her and poured some onto my hand, then worked it into my throbbing member. Up and down and all over my shaft, into my pulsating veins and plenty on my exposed tip. The oil easily helped my foreskin back.

I held her open with one hand and took myself in my other hand, gently pushing the tip against her glistening ass hole.

Slowly I work it against her, pushing the tip in..

“like this?” I ask

She moans. This is definitely what she needed.

“ooohhh… No… Deeper. I need it all!”

Damn. I do as she says and slowly I push myself further into her tight ass hole.

“yesss… Mmm yesss like that. Now fuck me” she demands.

I pinch myself. Genuinely pinch myself. It hurt. Damn this is real!

I put my hands on her hips and I go for it. I look down and watch my cock glimmer as it slides out with each thrust, and I hammer it back in. Her tight hole hugs my cock as if it was made for it. She sticks herself out more for me as I keep fucking her pregnant ass. This is genuinely one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had

My balls are full, my shaft is stiffening. I dig my nails into Rachel’s ass as I continue to pound it

“yes! Yes! Like that oh god this is perfect!” she declares.

“I need your cum in me!!”


This drives me very close. Her hole takes every thrust of my dick as I feel so close. I grip Rachel’s hips tighter as it builds inside me. She’s shouting and moaning continuously in satisfaction. I don’t know if it’s sexual gratification and frankly I don’t give a fuck.

The final thrusts occur. Those ones where you lose all control and really go for it. With one last go I release, almost all of my inches inside her as I feel shot after shot of cum let go, deep inside her, enveloping my throbbing cock, filling Rachel up as she asked.

I withdraw, breathless. My red raw, cum covered dick in my hand. Rachel’s ass seeping my hot load. Fuck. She gets down and slips her underwear back on.

“well thank you for that.” she smiles warmly. She doesn’t care again?! “you better get going before jen starts wondering where you’ve got to.

A little stunned but lot overly surprised I agree and put my pants back on. I nip to the toilet and wipe myself down. When I come back out, her gown is tied shut and she’s by the door. “thanks again and I am so sorry to put you in this position. Chat soon OK?”

Chat soon!? Pregnant ladies can be so damn cold!

NSFW: yes

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