Quickie Confess – Dicked Down

Sometimes you just need to confess that you enjoy being fucked. I love laying on my back and being with a man that’s got a massive cock. I love how he fills me up. How he stretches my pussy, how it hurts and how he keeps pushing in so I feel every single bit of his hard cock inside me. That feeling of being full with him makes me wet thinking about it.

I love laying down on the bed, head on a pillow being fucked. Letting him do what he wants with my legs and even better is when he has a mouthful of my breasts.

The simple satisfaction of good dick. I love it. I need it. And I crave it.

I’m fortunate enough to know some incredible men with amazing cocks who love fucking me.

From one slut to another – cheers & never let anyone make you feel bad for taking care of your needs, and most of all enjoy the dick.

NSFW: yes

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