[Question] As a reader, do you prefer a description of intimate physical details (like pubic hair style or body shape), or are you put off if they don’t match your preferences and prefer some vagueness when it comes to how the protagonists look?

I just read my first erotic story in many years, and I was surprised by my experience. While the author described the sex acts in graphic detail, the physical caracteristics of the protagonists were mostly left out: there was no mention of whether the woman was slim or overwheight, the size or shape of her breasts, or whether the man shaved his pubic hair or left it to grow into a full bush.

Interestingly, before I read the story, my comment was that it is better to not describe the appearance of the protagonist, to better allow different readers to identify with the one person and to imagine the other according to their own preferences. Thus a reader who likes shaven genitalia could imagine the characters smoothly shaven, and another reader who prefers trimmed pubic hair could imagine that sort of intimate hair style.

But while I read the story, I was surprised that to me the vagueness actually felt extremely unerotic. I realized that I discover it more exciting to read a description of the sensations a person has when they slip their hand into another person’s underwear, and for me it doesn’t actually matter that much if it is the silky smoothness of freshly shaven and powdered skin or the scratching of light stubble or the tickling of curly hair. All are more arousing than the act of putting the hand there alone.

At the same time, the constant mention of how the woman admired the muscularity of the male protagonist put me off, because I am not muscular and it made me feel unattractive.

How about you? Do you prefer a blank projection surface, or do you want to read how big or small the breasts are that the protagonist grabs?

NSFW: yes

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