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Rachel sat in the car in the driveway working up the nerve to go inside. When she and her Dom had first gotten together over two years ago, they agreed to a set of rules that they would both follow as part of their Dom/sub arrangement. In general, Rachel loved the rules. The structure they gave her life pushed her to be better and the excitement of knowing that she was being held accountable was intoxicating. She would never tell her friend or family but the gentle (and not so gentle) nudges from her Dom to really apply herself at work and push through hard projects was a big part of the reason she was promoted twice in the last year. The rest of the world only knew Ryan as her boyfriend but their connection and relationship was so much deeper than that. He kept her in line on days when she whined or complained too much but he was also her biggest source of protection and strength. The love and respect she had for him was why she knew there was no way out of the punishment she was getting tonight.

When they first put together the list of rules, there were a handful that she didn’t expect would ever be used, this being one of them. Their list of rules had grown over the years but in the beginning, since Rachel was new to BDSM, most of the rules were fairly basic, with a mix of sexual and nonsexual rules. They had rules about when she should be available for sex but they also had rules about how often she should be communicating her feelings to her Dom, limits on bad habits like watching too much tv, and because she was in college at the time, rules around what grades were and were not acceptable. They had sat down together, outlining the consequences for each rule and agreeing on the reasons these were established. Rachel had actually been the one to suggest the rule that would result in tonight’s punishment. Their list had originally come out to 19 total rules and as someone with just enough OCD for that to be uncomfortable, Rachel wanted a 20th rule. Thinking she was giving herself a free pass, Rachel suggested adding ‘speeding ticket’ to the list of things that were not allowed. She had never had a ticket in her life so she figured there was no real reason for that to change now. Because they both figured the chances of Rachel actually getting a speeding ticket were low, Rachel and her Dom had decided to give this rule the topmost punishment on the list.

At the time, the severity of the punishment excited Rachel. It had seemed more like a fantasy than like something that she would actually experience so she didn’t mind pushing her limits. Now though, it was very much real. Finally, with a deep breath, she gathered her things, locked her car, and headed to the front door. Rachel and her Dom had a ritual every day when she got home after work. She removed her shoes at the front door and tucked her jacket and purse in their designated spots then retrieved her collar from the hook on the back of the door where it hung and kneeled at her Dom’s feet and lifted her hair for him to secure it around her neck. As soon as the collar was around her neck, she would distribute the events of her day with her Dom. Any rule violations were required to be shared first.

Tonight as Rachel kneeled and lifted her hair, her Dom could already tell that she was nervous but he waited for her to distribute the reason why. “Sir,” she began, “as I was driving home today, I was pulled over. I was given a speeding ticket on Highway 10 about a mile away.”

Her Dom stood quietly for a minute while she continued to kneel at his feet. Finally, he spoke, “I’m disappointed that this happened Rachel. I will have to punish you according to the rules we agreed to. I know that you know this rule. Please recite it to me now.”

“All rule violations will begin with 30 minutes of corner time. If the sub is ever given a speeding ticket, she will receive a spanking ladder consisting of 20 spanks with the hand, followed by 20 with a paddle, followed by 20 with a crop, followed by 20 with a cane and an equal number in reverse,” Rachel kept her eyes focused on the floor as she recited what she remembered from the rule that her and her Dom had agreed on.

“I believe you forgot one part,” her Dom responded.

She glanced up and remembered the last part of the rule, something that would make this whole experience even less pleasant than she was planning on. “During the punishment, the sub will have a butt plug that is one size larger than what she normally wears inserted,” Rachel responded.

“Very good,” her Dom said. “Go to the bedroom and prepare.”

Rachel stood and walked to the bedroom they shared. She stepped out of the heels she had worn to work and peeled off her tights, then her black pencil skirt, and thong. She unbuttoned her shirt and folded it on the bed with the other clothes and finally removed her bra and placed it on her Dom’s pillow, knowing that she wouldn’t be allowed to put it back on again until he gave it to her in the morning. After that, she walked into the windowless closet where she was at all times required to preform her corner time. She picked up the blindfold from off the wall and kneeled down to wait for her Dom.

A couple minutes later, her Dom walked in and took the blindfold from her hands to tie around her eyes. He instructed her to bend forward with her hands on the wall and her legs spread. Rachel was still being trained to take his cock anally so the plug they’d be using tonight was gonna really stretch her.

He then led her to the back of the closet here there was a hook on the wall and he secured her collar to the hook. On his way out, he closed the door behind him, cutting off all light and noise from the rest of the house.

The hook was just high enough to make kneeling slightly uncomfortable but low enough that standing wouldn’t be an option. As Rachel kneeled, the collar pulled at the back of her neck, forcing her to stay completely upright. She felt the carpet under her knees and brushed her fingertips against the wall, all of the physical sensations heightened without her sense of sight or sound. It was slightly chilly in the closet, especially without any clothes but Rachel reminded herself to be grateful for the chill she felt now since she knew that it wouldn’t be long before her ass was on fire.

There was nothing to do in the closet besides think about the punishment that was coming. She knew her Dom was outside preparing the spanking bench and all the implements they would be using. The leather smell of her collar and blindfold reminded her of the paddle and crop that would be used on her shortly. As her fingertips traced along the ridges of the wall, she shivered thinking about how her Dom’s finger tips would be tracing along her body soon.

NSFW: yes

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