Punishing the Shoplifter [MMF] [M40sF20s] [NC]

TW: Non consent
I was shopping when I found a cute black bikini with a thong bottom and a top that would barely cover my perky tits. It was so pretty, but when I saw the price tag I knew I could never afford it. I didn’t have any extra money to be spending on unnecessary things, like a $200 swimsuit. It wasn’t the best idea I’ll admit, but I decided to put it on under my clothes and try and walk out with it. Just my luck, the scanner started to loudly beep as I walked out and I was stopped by an employee and walked to the security office. Tears started to well in my eyes. I hoped they wouldn’t call the police.
There was only one security guard in the office and he was a large, slightly overweight, middle aged man. He was balding and looked to be about 6’0. As I walked in, he grinned, looking my body up and down like he was appraising his next meal. This made me shudder, but I told myself I was probably just imagining it.
“Put your hands up,” he commanded, as he started to pat me down until he found the stolen swimsuit. He started to squeeze my tits, I instinctively pulled away from him then stopped myself when I realized he probably had to as part of the pat down. I could feel his hot breath on my face. He pulled out the tag, “A 200 dollar swimsuit. I’ll be damned. This is enough money to warrant me calling the police, sweetheart,” he said, looking at me chidingly. “Please don’t call the police,” I whimpered.
“Take off your clothes, honey” he said, in a commanding voice. I hesitated, until he started to reach towards me and pull on my shirt. “Oh, so now you’re refusing to return stolen items too? I’ll help you give it back if you won’t do it yourself.” His harsh tone scared me, so I complied and stripped for him. My face warmed in embarrassment as he appraised my nearly naked body in the tight bikini. “Turn around,” he ordered me. I did, alarm bells starting to go off in my head. “Damn, you have a tight, pretty little ass don’t you,” he murmured under his breath. My heart started to pound and face started to flush. I also felt a small tingle begin to spread in my sex.
He roughly pulled me over to sit on his lap. I could feel my breasts brush against his chest and a large bulge begin to form through his khaki pants. He started to squeeze my thighs, which sent ripples of arousal and fight through my body. “Well sweetheart, you have two options. Option one is that we call the police. Get you banned from this store for life, put it on your record and the rest of that shit. Option two is that you give me some love. I’m going to open up to you a little bit, I haven’t had a nice girl like you for a long time. I’ve been missing it. You have such a pretty little mouth, if you put that mouth on my cock for a little bit I’ll let you go and we’ll all have an easier time. Which option are you picking sweetheart?”
I squirmed to try and get away, but he held me tight to him. I could feel his bulge grow through his pants. I had never done anything like this before, and only had given a few blowjobs in my life. This man was so much older than me too, and I could tell he was a pervert and rough. On the other hand, I really couldn’t afford to have the police called on me. I swallowed my pride and murmured “option two”, shame filling my body. “I’m doing you a favor honey. That’s not going to cut it. Look me in my eyes and tell me you want to choke on this big cock.” He commanded, roughly pulling my face and turning it towards him. I refused, this was too much. I wouldn’t give up my dignity so easily, he wasn’t supposed to be doing this either! He slapped me across the face. “Try again.” Reeling in shock from the slap, my eyes started to tear up. He chuckled and slapped me again. “Look me in my eyes and say it, bitch. Or I’m going to make this a lot harder.” “I want to choke on your big cock-” I cried out quickly, wanting the pain to end. He laughed. “Good girl, now put your mouth on daddy’s cock.
He unzipped his fly and his large erection came out. It was the girthiest dick I had haver seen, his pubes were completely unkempt and I could tell his member was bursting with lust. He grabbed my hair and I lowered my mouth to his sweaty cock. I started to bob up and down, trying to fit as much of him as I could in my mouth but it was hard since his cock was so fat. He laughed. “What, little slut knows how to steal but doesn’t know how to suck a dick? We’re going to fix that right now honey.” He said, pushing my head down onto his lap. I tried to scream as my throat expanded to accommodate his girth. He pushed my head down without mercy, until my nose was buried deep in his thick pubes and large stomach. He held me there as I tried with all my might to push away from him, desperate for air. He groaned loudly as I suffocated on his cock. “That throat feels so damn good!” Just as my vision started to blacken, he pulled my head back for air and then pushed it down again. He mercilessly fucked my throat. Tears filled my eyes and spit started to drop down my chest. He groaned loudly which slightly turned me on despite myself. Just as I wondered I couldn’t take anymore, his pace started to quicken. “Swallow this cum baby. Every fucking drop.”
It seemed like an endless amount of hot, salty semen poured down my throat in spurts. I struggled to swallow it all, and he laughed at this. Finally, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to cum so quick. Don’t worry though, I’m not done with you yet.” A sadistic flashed across his face. “Alright boys, you can come in now!” He yelled. “What? You told me if I did that to you you would let me go!” I cried. “I said I wouldn’t call the police. Now be a good girl and make my friends feel real good too or things are going to get bad for you.” My heart dropped. I could barely handle one man, I didn’t know how I could handle anymore.
Two men walked into the office. One was one of the largest men I had ever seen in my life. It was a middle-aged, attractive black man. His muscles rippled through his shirt and the sadistic, lustful way he looked at me pierced my heart with fear. The other was a younger man with medium length brown hair, and arms sleeved with tattoos. Under different circumstances, I may have found him attractive. But all I felt now was fear mixed with a strange sense of arousal.
“Oh yeah John! You got us some young, pretty pussy,” the tattooed man exclaimed. “Yep, I just broke in her throat. It was real tight so I can’t even imagine how her other holes feel.” The goliath of a man smiled and walked up to me. He pulled down the thong, exposing my bare cheeks. I cried out in surprise and embarrassment. “Hey baby”, he said in his deep voice running his hand all along my body. “You know you’ve got a beautiful, little ass?” I nodded, unsure of what else to do. The other men laughed, I felt so humiliated. I was nothing more than an object to them. He pulled out his cock, and I instantly gasped at the size. It must have been around 10 inches, it was thick too. I had never even come close to taking a cock so big. He walked behind me and pulled my ass up. I started to shake with fear, I wasn’t sure if I could take a dick that size. He spit on the tip and entered my pussy, gently at first. He slowly pushed his throbbing weapon into me, every inch felt like my tight pussy was tearing. I screamed out when he hit my cervix. “This is the tightest pussy I’ve had in years guys!” He exclaimed out. He thrust into me gently for a few strokes, and then rammed his throbbing cock into me ruthlessly. I screamed and cried, I felt like he was ripping aside my insides. The other men laughed and cheered at this. “I love how that tight cunt stretches around my big dick”, he said as he ravaged my pussy.
“You’re going to make her loose for me!” The tattooed man complained. “Come get in her ass then, I promise it’ll be real tight that way,” the man savagely fucking me chuckled. Processing what this meant, I cried out “No! Please. I’ve never had anything in my ass. I can’t. Please.” I begged them. This elicited a laugh from them all. “I love seeing a slut beg” the first man who had fucked my mouth said.
The large man stopped thrusting. I could feel the tattooed man get behind me, unzip his pants and put the tip of his cock on my hole. He spit on it and started to push. I screamed out just from this, and continued to beg him to stop. “Shut up slut. It’s happening one way or the other. You’re a thief remember?” He struggled to push himself in my tight, virgin asshole. Getting frustrated, he slapped my ass hard and pulled me back by my hair. “Relax your fucking asshole, bitch!” I cried and screamed as he pushed harder and harder until his cock was fully inside my ass. Both of the men started to thrust inside me at the same time and I felt so full. It hurt so bad but I could feel an orgasm begin to create…..
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NSFW: yes

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