Pune story

I moved to pune recently.Met a lady who used to stay in my friends building, whenever I used to pass by she used to smile and I have a gifted physic ,beard and I look just above average one day when I was climbing up the stairs I see her and she calls me for help to fix the rod on which the curtains hang coz she couldn’t make it.
I fixed it and while doing it I took a peak at her boobs they were perfect. She saw me looking at her boobs and smiled. After somedays she stopped me again just to thank me for fixing it and called me in and offered me some food for helping her this time her cleavage was more revealing and she was again and again bending down and nipple sliped through the dress and I saw it and she saw in my eyes . I wondered this is my chance and it was obvious she wanted to have fun and nobody used to be thr at her place and I opened porn on phone and turned the volume up but didn’t play so when she came back from kitchen and sat next to me I turned on my phone and porn was thr. Later we had conversation and I told it’s lonely here ,I don’t even have a gf and don’t know anyone around. She asked what I think about her.
I said she has very good figure by what I can see. She asked me if I was interested in having sex. I dint say any thing and kissed her. Took off her clothes and we fucked so hard . I ate her pussy for half hours (I like eating pussy) played with her boobs and I wanted to try something new but it was my first time with her so I fucked her like it’s our last day. this continued for somedays and later one day the appartment was closed and I never saw her again
I like eating out pussy soo much. After that I didn’t have any wild experience. I at all times wanted to try something kinky with her but never reached them. She used to love my physic and we used to have some wild time .
Idk if I’ll get to try anything like this again coz I don’t be social on social media and this is my burner profile for some month. If anyone is interested in having to some different experience hit me up in PM

NSFW: yes

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