Pumping loads into my ex’s best friend!

I’ve never shared this story but around 2 years ago I broke up with my ex of 3 years we will call her Jennifer , Jennifer was a amazing whore who I built up on Onlyfans to make over 1 million dollars. However she was such a shitty girlfriend, never really put much effort into the relationship. We kinda just ended up together because she started making so much on Onlyfans. Well Jennifer had a friend who we will call Pamala. Pamala was basically the opposite of Jennifer. No Onlyfans, worked in real estate. Pamala invited me over one day after me and Jennifer had a enormous argument and has broke up. I went over to Jennifer’s house and 10 mins in Im raw dogging her and can tell I’m gonna bust but she told me to keep going. I cum so hard in her pussy.. to be continued. Real story dm me for pics

NSFW: yes

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