Pumping each others asses full with cum [M23/M24] [Gay] [Romance] [Anal]

My boyfriend and I have been together for less than a month now and time has flown so fast because everything is so great.
My friend had the idea that we should fuck one night all night long and each other. I agreed with the idea as it would be very hot. However, he wanted to do it without a condom so that we can all the time fill ourselves with sperm. I also found that very hot. So we both used PrEPto reduce the risk of HIV.

After choosing a good day, we prepared ourselves well for the day. That should also mean no sex or masturbation until then. So on the same day we have prepared our asses well for the night so that everything will be gorgeous.

When the evening then was there we immediately started undressing each other and kissing for a long time. Just from kissing our cocks got really hard. In the first lap I was the bottom and he could let off steam at me. After we finished kissing I went into doggy position and let him give me a rim job that felt great. I’ve already lost a lot of precum. After he finished licking, he turned me around and started fucking me. Over time, it would get faster and harder.

At that time it was my first time having sex without a condom and it was so good. I couldn’t control my moaning. Besides, he made me Dirty Talk even hotter. Since we did not come a week he did not last as long as usual. But when he came into me, I had to come without even touching myself. Feeling him pumping his hot cum into me just made me come. That feeling was unbelievable. I’ve never been so full. It was like I was in heaven.

But I was still tough and horny. So we dived positions and I was now the top. Fucking him had also felt really great and also had to come quickly. After the first round we cuddled and kissed.

In the evening and at night we pumped each other incredible 6 times. After that, we were both so Ko that we fell asleep in a hug.

The next morning we first gave each other a good morning bj and then went to the bathroom to make us clean. His one my asses were so full of sperm that we first needed ne a while to get empty. While we took a shower we had another sex and he pumped me again with his hot cum.

After that we had breakfast and then I went home because I had ne university exam the next day and still had to learn something. Of course, my ass was still full of his cum and still wanted more.

Overall it was an incredible night and plan to do it again in the future.

As all the time thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it. Leave your wondered about the story in the comments or in my dm if you like. If I have another interesting story, I’ll tell you 😘

NSFW: yes

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