Public train adventures (f25, m25)

I was sitting in a train with my girlfriend, the whole wagon was pretty empty. But there was a girl on the same row as us, on the other side of the alley.

We needed no more to get flirty, I had crotchless briefs at that moment, and I ended getting my cock out from my zipper. My gf slowly started to masturbate me, we knew the girl could see at any moment if she turned her head. But she was facing the window. Maybe she was using reflection on the window to have a glance.

As she didn’t seem to notice anything my gf pretended to fall asleep on my lap, and was giving me a blowjob there, just next to that lady. At first she was playing with her tongue on the tip and the shaft. After she managed to get the whole head inside her mouth and she was curling her tongue over it. Trying to make it sneaky. She got down on me until I exploded in her mouth, just next to that presumably unaware girl.

I love public play and I’m all the time looking for new experiences.

NSFW: yes

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