Public sex with co-worker

A number of years ago I was working at this business and started flirting with this hottie (MILF) in my department. Let’s call her Darcie. She was a brunette with beautiful boobs, modified about 4 cup sizes up to DDD. She was very giggly and all the time laughed at my silly jokes around the office. Her smile was gorgeous and I loved her eyes. Her face was like a porcelain doll, just beautiful. I had butterflies around her. I had only had sex with 2 women in my life to this point. I (m) was 27. She (f) was around 32.

One day Darcie was telling me about her ex-husband that she recently split up with. He was military “black ops” (apparently) and treated her like shit. She was way too hot and sweet to put up with that shit, so they got separated. It was at this point I found out she was single, and so was I. I actually wondered this woman was out of my league, but was more than eager to give it a try.

One day we were just talking in the parking lot after work. It was near dark but the weather was nice. She asked if I wanted to go grab something to eat. I said sure and we got in her car. A few minutes down the road she said “I want to show you something first.” She pulls into this totally random gravel parking lot off the main road. It looked like a warehouse and there were train tracks nearby. She parked near the tracks and just looked at me. “So what do you want to do?” Her eyes literally said “kiss me now or you’re a total dumbass.”

We started kissing, and her lips were so nice. She used just enough tongue to turn me on immediately. She tasted so sweet and perfect. I was so excited that I realized I started feeling her breasts almost immediately. I reached down for her thighs almost immediately after. She was incredible. I almost couldn’t believe it was happening.

She grabbed my dick through my pants. She started moaning a bit and I was getting so turned on and fully erect in my dress pants. I could feel myself getting wet while she touched me. I had never felt augmented boobs before and I was impressed with how amazing they felt. Of course our clothes were still on…. But not for long.

She said “do you want to get out of car?” I said sure, not having any clue what would happen next. I never had even remotely public sex before. She started taking her clothes off and I was thinking “IS THIS SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO HAPPEN RIGHT NOW???” She said “come here” as she leaned against the car with just her panties, bra, and shoes on.

We kissed really passionately as I pressed my body against hers. My dick kept getting harder as I touched her body. Her boobs were HUGE and I had to get that bra off. She turned around and said “I want you from behind.” She leaned over against the car and spread her legs. I took off her bra and felt her breasts from behind. I quickly moved my hands to her pussy as I couldn’t WAIT to feel her. She was so wet. I felt her clit and lips and inside her…. It was a perfect pussy.

I pulled my pants down while she continued feeling my hard cock. “Oh my god it feels so good!!” She was really enjoying herself which made me even hotter for her. I got inside of her. She was so tight and just dripping all over my dick! I grabbed her gigantic tits again while I was plowing her…. She was moaning so much and that made me want to cum so bad!!

Suddenly I started hearing a noise in the distance. It kept getting louder and louder very quickly… I knew within 10 seconds what it was. A train was coming. And we were fucking no more than 30 feet from the train tracks. It happened so fast that we didn’t have time to get in the car, so the train started wizzing by while I was still deep inside her!! She goes “oh my god!” And I kept pounding her. She seemed to be loving the public sex on display for whoever was in that train!

We both starting cumming while the train was still going by. I was rubbing her clit while cumming inside her from behind. That was my first experience with public sex. It was like a fantasy I never had but then suddenly I just experienced it. My balls were totally drained. Some cum dripped from her vagina after I pulled out. I was still pretty hard and juices were dripping off my cock.

We started putting our clothes on, and it had started getting dark outside. In the distance I see a pick-up truck pull off the main road into the gravel road where we parked next to the tracks. I swear that simultaneously she and I looked at each other and said “oh shit!!”, and grabbed our remaining clothes to get dressed in the car. Within about a minute we see the lights of the truck in her car’s mirrors. We look at each other like, “oh shit I think we got caught.”

The truck pulls up behind us and I swear to you it does not move for about 3 minutes. At this point I’m expecting a cop to show up at the driver door. Finally the truck driver walks towards Darcie’s door VERY SLOWLY. I realized he wanted to make sure we were dressed before he got to the door. He knocks on the window, she rolls it down, and he proceeds to explain that we are on private property and need to leave. So obviously someone at the warehouse or on the train saw us and tipped him off so he could tell us to leave.

He goes back to his truck and we gladly comply with the request, happy to not be getting arrested or ticketed. We laugh so much at the whole situation. And proceed to go get dinner.

To this day it was the absolute best public sex experience of my life. Thank you Darcie, wherever you are now. I hope you are getting plowed near the train tracks of your dreams.

NSFW: yes

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