PT client becomes more [mf] [30-40] [publicsex]

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PT client becomes more.

He was enjoying training his new PT client, she listened, was enthusiastic and to top it of was pretty cute – usually a red flag for him as it was unprofessional to be attracted to a client but she was different not like the gym shark wearing 20 year olds that bounced around the gym taking selfies, she was there to work.

They had done a few weeks of circuits and bodywork training but when she saw him on the punchbag that really sparked her interest “can I do that” she asked excitedly he asked if she had ever thrown a punch before to which she lied “of course I have”. He asked her to put the gloved on and demonstrate.

He stood back for a second watching her attempting to throw her hand at the bag, he intercepted the punch pulling her back before she could make contact. “woooooo not like that, you’ll break your wrist”

She asked him to show her how to do it right – feeling a little embarrassed that she had lied. He stood behind her his left hand on her left wrist and rotated her body extending her arm and turning her hand so that her knuckles landed on the bag – that’s a jab he whispered in her ear. He then took her right wrist in his right hand rotated her hips in the opposite direction with the other hand and again took her body through the motions – and thats a right cross. She smiled and wiggled back against him flustering him slightly.

Over the following weeks they worked on a variety of punches on the bag and target pads even in the gyms ring when the boxers were not using it. She loved that, being in the ring made her feel like a fighter, like she could do anything and it made all of life’s troubles disappear for 2 minutes at a time.

Most nights when that final buzer went for the last round she was exhausted and so happy to hear it but that night she was full of energy and didn’t want the session to finish, she begged for one more round, he explained it was late the gym was empty and he had to lock up, “please” she pleaded almost whimpering as she looked up at him. He gave in but told he she was gonna have to give it everything and leave it all in the ring.

He dashed around the ring calling out combinations at lightning speed pushing her harder than ever, the last ten second alert buzzed so he instructed her to push him back with straight punched – one two, one two, one two don’t stop. She punched with all her will and pushed him back into the red corner his pads held high as she relentlessly threw the shots, the buzzer sounded and she collapsed forward on to him,” that was amazing” he proclaimed proudly.
Her head was on his chest as she recovered and after a few seconds she looked up into his eyes mouthing a thank you as she stood up straight and pressed her lips against his taking him by suprise. He pulled away but was trapped in the corner, she kissed him again but this time he didn’t withstand in fact he kissed her back and pulled her even closer.

They were both dripping in sweat but it didn’t matter as he threw away his mits, he couldn’t keep his hands off of her any longer. They continued to kiss as she frantically tried to remove her boxing gloves – the velcro holding on for what seemed like an eternity.

His grey sweatpants had no chance of hiding his now throbbing cock, this was like a fantasy for him a gorgeous woman so overcome with lust in the ring with him kissing him and now exploring his body with her hands.

She was running her fingertips along his hips and across his abs making his cock visably twitch in anticipation, she smirked as she watched what it was doing to him before dropping to her knees in front of him. Pulling at his waistband and exposing what she wanted so badly – the reason she had picked him to be her PT.
She took his cock in her mouth and began to suck it – no licks or gentle kissed she just filled her mouth instantly gaging and moaning on his shaft.

His knee’s buckled as she looked at him “fuck” he groaned loudly as his pre cum trickled down her throat, she wrapped her hands around his thighs and pulled him even deeper. He had never felt anything quite like it and didn’t know how quickly he would cum.

She slowly slid her lips from the base up his shaft to his tip following with her hand as it stroked and squeezed more precum from him onto her tongue, she smiled as she swallowed his clear sticky slippery juices.

She layed back on the ring matt pulling him towards her, still stroking his tingling cum covered head – making him gasp and moan.
“I need you to fuck me right now” she begged, kicking off her shoes and removing the bottom half of her clothes.

He took a very quick look around the empty room but to be honest right now he didn’t care if anyone could see.

He removed his sweatpants and shoes as he layed between her legs, her head now resting against the corner of the ring as he lent forward and kissed her again. He ran his fingers up her inner thigh desperate to feel how wet she was but she swatted them away ” fuck me I said” she reiterated wrapping her hand around his cock and pushed it against her pussy lips.

She was so wet that she managed to slide the tip in with the slightest movement of her hand making them both moan out. She released his shaft as his hips pushed down towards hers and gently cupped his balls making him thrust and shudder deep inside her.
He reached down and grabbed her hand before taking the other too and wrapping the ring ropes around her wrists above her head.

“you want me to fuck you?” he asked
She nodded and smirked turning him on even more. “not yet” he replied

He took his dick in his hand and began to slide the edge of the tip across her clit. She moaned and squirmed unable to get her hands free. It felt electric to them both as he milked more precum from his throbbing cock teasing her as he gasped In pleasure

“I’m in charge here” he firmly stated watching her hips push up pressing her pulsing pussy against his shaft despirate to be filled again. She ran her tongue across his lips and whimpered ” please fuck me” he loved when a girl said please and immediately fulfilled her wish, making her cry out as he slid between her lips, feeling her pulse and shake as she took it all.

His hips began to circle against hers before he slammed against her bouncing her off the ring every thrust harder than the last , never taking his eyes off of her face as she bit her lip and her eyes danced around her head. “don’t stop” she gasped.
He felt her legs tense as they wrapped around him then her feet pushed into the mat lifting her ass and back up, she was clamped around his body and his cock as she came, he could do nothing but enjoy the sensation only able to move his hips as his own orgasm builds.

He pushed her knees aside and continued to make her moan, her pussy was relaxing and tensing it felt like perfection as he sped up, his thrusts bringing himself closer and closer to ecstasy he felt her cum again but this time it was a lot wetter as she soaked him, he’d never experienced that before and his cock twitched inside her filling her with cum, pulsing and jerking over and over she tingled as she felt every twitch , he moaned and gasped as he callapsed onto her exhausted body, kissing her head and untangling her hands.
She wrapped her arms around him and the both fell asleep half naked on the edge of the ring………………

Note – I actually orgasmed as I was writing that

NSFW: yes

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