Pt 1. Christmas gift experience

I male (24) recently got back in contact with my secondary college crush. She was perfect and has only gotten more hotter over the years. She was and still is around 5ft tall with lush long long hair nearly touching her medium size ass. A nice toned stomach with a lovely thighgap and a great pair of tits. I on the other hand am a male in the staging of bulking and dad bod, about 5,9 messy blonde brownish hair I have a decent size cock around 4 to 5 inches flaccid and around 8.5 inches erect.

So after a while of messaging back and forth we became closer as friends again and we would tell each other how are days are going and whats been going on in our lives. We are both in relationships, however, its not all the time great. So it is around Christmas time and we bought each other a gift. I bought her a gin tasting experience for 2 people. However, this experience isn’t in our city and it turns out none of her family and friends can male it or don’t like gin so she asked me and I happily said yes.

The day came where we meet up at our train station and travel to the location. As we were only on thr train for around 15 minutes we just caught up on usual life things. We got to the place about 10 minutes early so we decided to have a drink before the experience and we also noticed the amount of people in the previous experience were quite happy and half drunk. So we got in and did our experience at the end we stayed at the location and had quite a few more drinks and lost track of time.

We decided to go and get some food and then head to the next location still knowing we need to get the train back at some point, which we unfortunately missed to having too much fun. So it was either get a friend or relative to pick us up or discover a hotel / bed and breakfast. We both new we need to do option 1 but option 2 meant we can keep on drinking and not disturb anyone’s evening picking us up. So we found a lovely hotel for the night and tried getting a room with two single beds. None available.. they only had one room left and it was a king-size bed which was plenty of room for both of us. We dropped our stuff off and went to the local corner shop to yes buy more alcohol.

As the night got late we were getting ready to pass out in bed. Things didn’t go to plan. She started taking off dress leaving me to stare in awe at her body just in bra that barely contained her boobs the perfect thighgap and a great medium round ass. She turned around and said I’m getting in the shower and winked. I also started getting ready for bed but heared she called my name from the shower asking a question but I couldn’t hear it clearly so I asked again but got no answer so I walk over there in my boxers with my dick slowly creating a bulge in my pants I call again saying I’m coming in to the bathroom as I’m opening the door.

She stood there washing her long wet hair. Water was running down her ass. She turned around gave me a smile then said what she asked earlier. Then she said aren’t you having a shower before bed. I said yes after you finished. The next thing I know she walked over pulled down my boxers which my semi hard dick bounced out she grabbed it and pulled me in thr shower saying we’ll as your now hear you may as well get in with me. This obviously made me rock hard and she said that she would like some help after washing her hair. I happily agreed standing behind her so I started soaping up her back the side of her, her hips slowly moving my hands round to the front and working my way up to her breast. She didn’t say anything but wiggled her ass on my cock. She washed off the soap off of her body and gave me a little hand job and said hurry up and rinse the soap off of you. I asked why. She leaned in and starting kissing me passionately and made sure to grab and wank me off until she felt me get close but stopped and turned around. I knew exactly what she was wanting me to do so I bent down slightly and pushed my hard wet cock into her tight pussy she bent over more as she was struggling just to take the head of my cock eventually I was balls deep in her hearing her moan.

I could fell her tight pussy get wetter and water with each deep thrust I did. She turned around got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and gave me the sloppiest blowjob my cock was glistening with her juices and spit. She said get dry but leave that cock like that. I’m getting on the bed. I got out the shower dried myself off and walked out the bathroom with my cock bouncing and dropping spit everywhere…….

To be continued

If anyone wants to change or add to this or make part 2 please do

NSFW: yes

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