“Provocative Encounter” – Enticing Tales to Alleviate Pre-Exam Stress [MF]

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During my senior year of school, Tinder had become the talk of the campus. It was the latest craze that had everyone buzzing with excitement. The ability to distribute enticing pictures and status updates for a short span of time had taken our thirst traps and fun escapades to a whole new level.

As finals week loomed upon us, I found myself waking up unusually early one Friday morning. With a groggy mind trying to catch up to reality, I mindlessly began swiping through profiles on Tinder. That’s when I came across a cute, captivating brunette. Her picture caught my attention immediately – she was lying in bed, a pillow covering her head, and a caption that read, “Finals stress is real ?.”

It was 7am, and even though my brain was still in sleep mode, something else inside me had fully awakened – my willing morning wood. Fueled by a surge of desire, I quickly typed out a message aimed at helping her relieve some stress.

To my astonishment, she responded immediately, sparking a glimmer of hope in me. “Address?” she sent back.

Well, shit. My heart raced as I hastily replied, suddenly filled with both excitement and nerves. I jumped out of bed, leaving everything behind, and made a beeline for the shower. As I turned on the water, her message popped up, “Be there in 5.” I scrubbed and dried myself off in record time, grabbing the nearest pair of jeans and a black T-shirt. Looking back, I have no idea why I chose jeans at 7am when there was nowhere to go. It was probably just my obvious panicked move.

When Amber arrived at my door, I was greeted by a vision of beauty. She was a cute brunette, standing at about 5’5″, with a pair of firm C-cups adorning her chest and a perfectly sculpted runner’s ass. She was dressed in a more casual outfit of shorts and an oversized sweatshirt, accentuating her allure in an effortless way.

I had imagined offering her a cup of coffee or tea in some quaint manner, taking on the role of a refined gentleman from the past. However, Amber had other plans in mind. The moment I closed the door, she pressed her lips against mine, igniting a fiery passion within us. In a frenzy, we stumbled towards my bedroom, shedding our clothes in an instant.

With her hair now tied up, she declared, “I have 20 minutes before I need to leave for my exam. Get on the bed.”

Obeying her command, I positioned myself against the headboard, propping myself up with a plush pillow. My cock, already pulsating with anticipation, stood tall and willing as I watched Amber lower herself between my legs. She delicately wrapped her hand around my throbbing member and sensually licked the head, causing me to shudder with pleasure.

Amber’s expertise in giving oral pleasure was undeniable. As she positioned her heavenly ass in the air, her velvety breasts teasingly brushed against my thighs while she worshipped my cock with her mouth, adding an extra touch of sensuality. She even devoted a precious moment to suck on my balls, highlighting her skills as the perfect booty call.

After a few minutes of heavenly pleasure, she gracefully rose to her knees and asked if I had a condom. Though I offered to reciprocate the favor, she told me she didn’t have much time, craving the raw sensation of being fucked.

I handed her a condom, but before I could even think about putting it on, she seized it. With one hand stroking me in fervent desire, she expertly opened the package using her teeth and rolled it onto my throbbing member. In mere seconds, she was straddling me, guiding the head of my cock along her drenched slit.

I sat there, my back pressed against the headboard, as Amber slowly lowered herself onto me. A euphoric moan escaped her lips as she stretched to accommodate my girth. “Fuuuuuck,” she cried out, overwhelmed by pleasure. “You’re exactly what I need.”

Leaning in, she placed her lips against mine once again, initiating a passionate kiss as she started to grind her hips back and forth, savoring the feeling of my entire length buried deep within her.

For the next few minutes, time seemed to blur as we engaged in a dance of deep, passionate kisses, intertwined with my pleasurable exploration of her nipples. Intense sensations flooded our senses as she quickened her rhythm, transitioning from grinding to a captivating bouncing motion.

“I’m going to cum!” she squealed, grabbing my face with both hands and pulling me in for another electrifying kiss.

True to her words, moments later, I felt her walls tighten around me as Amber let out a heavenly moan. Our tongues danced together as her legs trembled with ecstasy, pushing me closer to the edge. Soon, my own climax erupted, filling the condom with my release.

Amber collapsed against me, her lips finding solace on my neck as we both caught our breaths. It was a moment of pure bliss as I caressed her luscious ass, savoring the delicate touch of her chest against mine.

“Well,” she said as she sat back, her eyes gleaming with satisfaction, “that was undeniably fun.”

Leaning in once more, she claimed another passionate kiss before effortlessly getting up from the bed. As she swiftly dressed, she turned to me and spoke those words that made my heart skip a beat, “You’re cute. Let’s do this again.”

I remained on the bed, my half-erect cock a testament to the incredible encounter we had shared. With a mischievous wink, Amber made her way towards the door, allowing her enchanting presence to linger in the room.

“Good luck on your exam!” I smiled, still riding the wave of pleasure and the excitement of what may come.

Returning my smile, she playfully winked back before stepping out into the world, leaving me with the lingering anticipation of a memorable Friday that was far from over.

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