Present from hubby before going out

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NSFW: yes

I was about to leave the house one day to meet up with my friends. I was dressed in a cute little mini skirt and a sexy top:)

As I was about to go out, my husband closed the door and locked it. He turned me to face the door and started to grope my boobs. Fuck the whole spontaneity took me by surprise and got me wet. He started to slide his fingers down my pussy and began to pleasure me. It was making me soak my panty. He then told me that I was making him so horny and he pulled my panties off and slid his cock inside me.

Fucking me hard against the front door. I’m sure any neighbours passing by could hear me and the doors from his hard pounding. He took my hips and thrusted harder and harder. His cock filling my pussy and hitting hard into it. A few hard thrusts more and he came inside me.

He gave me a kiss and told me to have fun with my friends and went away. His cum dripping from me, I pulled my panties back up and went to meet my friends 🙂

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