Post night out three couples..

Hi. I’m Lucy 25 from the UK, my partner Callum 21 and some friends after a night out in our home town ended back at my friends Jane 27 and Tim’s 28 residence , also there were another couple Lisa also 27 and her boyfriend James 29 or so. This happened just before Christmas.

After a few drinks but not loads we were having fun sat around watching TV and having a glass of wine together. My friend Jane is a serious flirt and I doubt her faithfulness to Tim but Lisa is quite a reserved girl usually. As it was past midnight in the UK one of those Sunday sport style sex toy adverts came on freeview which brought some lewd comments from Tim and James about the size of the toys. I remember Jane said something like I wouldn’t need something like that with my Callum who is quite well known i suppose for having a large manhood in our circle of friends.

The other guys voiced some doubts , yeah right etc. Tim said but as i didn’t want Callum to be embarrassed I said yes , he’s got a good 8 incher on him or words to the like. This prompted pissed Jane to jokingly ask Callum to show us all it. She did not expect Callum to stand up like he did and drop his trousers showing them all his penis which even soft is an eyeful. I couldn’t believe he did that but went along with it as I was having a really good night.

The other guys were a bit gobsmacked but it was Lisa who said she thought how big it gets when it’s hard. Her boyfriend can be a bit of a prick so I said she should touch it and see if it grows any. Lisa was in arms reach and she started poking it saying how it was enormous compared to James and Jane agreed my Callum had a large penis , a lot bigger than Tim. James and Tim seemed to go a bit quiet , unsure what to say but Callum was soon very hard with Lisa pawing at him. I was enjoying Callum getting this attention so I asked Jane to touch him too. I remember Jane and Lisa looking at their partners for approval and the guys were like yeah whatever. Tim who was very drunk gave Jane some encouragement and she immediately got down in front of Callum and started sucking his penis which certainly changed the atmosphere in the room.

Lisa , who seemed to be in a bit of a daze asked Jane if she could try and she started sucking my boyfriends cock , joking with Jane while they sucked it together. Tim and James must have been turned on as they voiced no concerns and I was certainly turned on seeing my younger boyfriend with my very attractive friends in front of him.

I think everyone in the room knew what might happen next and Callum looked over at me for approval. I eyed to him yeah go for it , that sort of signal and he sat down while Jane and Lisa gave him fellatio even more intently.

Jane and Lisa were wearing their night out clothes , wearing quite clever but very sexy dresses. Jane said she wanted to get more comfortable and she stood up and took her dress off. Lisa did the same and they were both kneeling in front of Callum in just their underwear both lustfully sucking and stroking his cock.

Both girls then looked at me and their partners for a sign to continue and we were enjoying the show too much to ask then to stop. Lisa stood up and took her bra off revealing her very large tits and took her panties off. Like I said she seemed in a trance and she just lay down on one of the couches , opened her legs and beckoned Callum to her. He was soon in between her legs and rubbing his cock against her pussy. It took him a little while but he was soon inside her fucking her on the couch they were both clearly loving it. Jane took her underwear off too and started kissing Callum while he fucked Lisa for about ten minutes.

Lisa orgasmed and Callum pulled out of her asking Jane if she wanted it too , Jane then positioned herself in front of him , where Lisa was. She seemed to take it a lot easier than Lisa and Callum fucked her for a few minutes until he came in her.

Being a 21 year old guy he soon wanted another go and my friends obliged.

Me and their partners certainly enjoyed the show with some glasses of wine and all seemed to happen with a good vibe.

Happened in an East Midlands town , believe it or not I suppose.

NSFW: yes

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