Pof Friendship(mf)

So back a few years ago. I created a POF user account and I had this user account for a while. I’d get in spurts of being on there for a few weeks and then I’d go weeks or months where I wasn’t on there at all. I was single at the time and I worked 60 plus hours most weeks. Anyways I met this girl on there and she was from the town my parents lived in, which is where I grew up and is about an hour from where I lived at the time. So we talk for a few days and I’m going to be heading down there on Saturday and I ask if she wanted to meet up. She tells me she does but it can’t be at her house bc she still lives with her ex and he will be there. So we agree to meet at an old abandoned college that had been closed down for years.

We had talked about sex but hadn’t necessarily talked about fucking each other. So I get there and she pulls up a few minutes later. She comes over and climbs in my truck. We talk for about 2 minutes or so and then she’s like fuck you smell good can I have a hug? I reach over and put my arm around her to hug her. She hugs me back and I kiss her neck when she does. She reaches down and unzips my pants. Pulls out my cock and starts to suck it. I undo her bra and pull out her tits while she’s sucking my cock. She stops after about a minute and doesn’t say a word, just climbs on top of me, pulls her shorts to the side and sits down on my cock in the front seat of my truck. After about 40 seconds she’s squirting on my cock. She’s got her tits bouncing in my face and is telling me to cum for her. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I exploded in her pussy. She sits on top of me kissing me for a few more minutes and then gets back in the passenger seat.

Fast forward a few months later. And we are talking about hanging out after work one night. She tells me to come to her house. She was a waitress at a restaurant and usually got off kinda late anyways. So I get to her house around midnight. All the lights are off and she told me the door was unlocked. So I walk in and go to her bedroom. I open the door and she’s laying there naked with one of her gfs from work and they are playing with each other. I couldn’t get my pants off fast enough. My cock was jumping up and down. I fucked them both before exploding on their faces the first time. And then I exploded in her pussy again while her gf ate it from her. To this day me and this girl are still friends and still fuck lol a great friendship started from pof

NSFW: yes

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