Plaything for my friend’s frat brothers [26F]

Technically he’s one of my brother’s friends. I slept with him and two other guys after catching him taking a picture of my ass and feeling really turned on by it. After that, I’ve been to the frat house he lives in to sleep with him again.

My path to becoming their plaything started when his frat brothers would see me coming in and out of the house to go to his room. He shared me a couple times with some of the guys when we were all really drunk. After that, it kind of became a thing for whoever was around to fuck me when I went over.

Just like that, my body count went from 5 to 19 in the past 3 weeks or so. I’m not on birth control so we try to use condoms for vaginal. We might go risk going raw all the way if the guys decide to begin in my pussy then move on to my ass way before cumming, either that or when I’m not ovulating. They’ve been paying for for plan b whenever accidental vaginal creampies happen, which has happened 4 times so far.

I feel really slutty but no one else knows about it. They’ve been inviting me to their frat parties and often joke about having me up my bodycount even further but I’m not yet sure if I’ll go. Part of why I’ve been so eager to let them play with my body is that they don’t tell other guys so I’m able to keep an innocent reputation (the other part being that I’m almost at all times drinking when I go over).

NSFW: yes

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