Playing with my sleeping wife[38F]

Couple months ago while laying next to my sleeping wife in bed I was rather horny and couldn’t sleep, she was laying on her back and I was cuddled up to her.

My hands started to explore her body under her shirt, starting with her stomach getting higher to her rather large breasts.. playing with her nipples I noticed they got hard and I began to rub them between my fingertips.

Her breathing began to change while playing with her hard nipples, eventually I moved my hand down her body resting my hand completely over her thong covered pussy, I could feel an intense warmth on my hand.

I started to move my entire hand in a rolling wave motion for what felt like ten minutes.. once again her body started to react to my touch, sliding my hand under her thong I placed my pointer finger on her clit making the same wave motions slowly.

After a couple minutes of that I slid my finger down and to my surprise she was soaking wet, slowly sliding my finger in her breathing started to quicken as I fingered her more she slowly began to moan

Opening her eyes she looked at me in pure ecstasy moaning extremely loud as she came on my fingers.

She’s requesting that I do that again.

NSFW: yes

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