Playing with her in the dressing room

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I’m mostly utilizing technical English for my daily work, but I’m hoping you can check my wordings and grammar, to round off this short story.

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You’re in a dressing room, only wearing underwear, looking for the proper outfit for your evening.
You bend over to do something with the clothes in front of you, your buttocks pointing to the closed curtain behind you.
Someone outside trips over one of your garment sticking out of the dressing room and rips the curtain apart.
You see suit shoes and matching pants through the mirror in front of you and a right hand moving towards the floor.
While picking up the garment the hand touches your thigh, up to your buttock.
A firm grip on your buttock, makes your head snap up.
Now you can see the face of the handsome stranger, who has your buttock in his firm grip.
He looks into your eyes, the both of you not saying anything.
He drops the garment.

A saleswoman is about to take a look into the dressing room but he closes the curtain again in a flash.
Has she perhaps noticed something?
Under the curtain you can see her shoes – she’s still there.
His right hand travels around your hip, causing a slight pressure on your hip bone, while his left hand runs up your back to your shoulder, pulling you up with a jerk.
He wraps his muscular arm around you and puts his hand on your throat, resting your neck on his strong chest.
You feel the warm and soft fabric of his shirt on your naked back and his breath on your neck.
His finger runs up your throat, over your chin to your lower lip.
He tells you, he’ll taste from you now and shoves his finger into your mouth, before he starts running his thumb slowly but firmly down your body, slightly brushing under your bra, down your belly, stopping before your panties.
You feel his leg moving between yours and with another jerk he pushes your legs further aside, instantly sliding his hand under your panties.
His wet finger slides slowly into you forcing you to control yourself not to get too loud while you still see the shoes of the saleswoman, under the curtain.

His right hand runs up your body, while he still drives his finger inside you.
You cannot hold back a soft moaning when his hand additionally reaches under your bra. The saleswoman must have heard it, cause she is now offering her help.
The stranger stops, commands you to answer her and while you do so, he immediately slips a second finger inside you.
He’s playing with you, enjoying your suppressed moaning which is music to his ears, knowing that you aren’t able to answer properly.
He repeats his game until your answer is somewhat useful.
Freed of your impossible task, he finally makes you come.
He licks his fingers, telling you how sweet you taste before leaving the dressing room.
Still wet and untidy from what just happened, you want to go pay your new outfit and you notice the shoes of the saleswoman that stand out behind the cash desk, explaining the reproachful look she gives you while processing your payment.

NSFW: yes

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