Playing around before the party (MF)

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NSFW: yes

Her string top pushed up her light cleavage so much that as I was driving I could see the small mounds jiggling on every turn. A part of me was hoping that I could turn hard enough that the shirt would slip and her breast would come out. It would give me an excuse to pullover and place it in my mouth. I looked over at her and I could tell right away that she knew what I was thinking. She brought her hands with sparkling nails up to her breasts and bounced them up for me.

“You like what you see daddy?” She licked her lips then moved her hand down to the crotch of my jeans. She gave it a hard grab then dragged her nails over the fabric.

“Ohh baby girl, don’t make me pull this car over,” I replied. My eyes went over her perfectly set face. Lip gloss that made her lips shine, eyeliner and mascara that highlighted her brown eyes, blush that helped show her facial structure. Her black curly hair flowed out of a bandana that she put over the front of her hair. She looked absolutely delicious, it ran through my head many times to skip the party and take her straight home to bend her over. Maybe even place her on the counter and just plow into her before she can even remove any clothes.

“Too bad,” her voice broke through the fantasy, “maybe after this party you’ll get lucky.” She winked at me then slapped my growing bulge. I couldn’t help but smile at the girl next to me.

“You gonna get it when we get home,” I threatened.

“I better daddy,” she replied. She leaned over the center console to tongue my ear lobe before whispering, “you get us there in less than ten minutes, and I’ll treat you at the party.”

My growing cock almost exploded out of my pants. I put the pedal to the floor and sped up our way to the party. Within eight minutes we were there and found parking instantly. I ran around, opened the door for her, grabbed her hand and guided her to the house party we were invited to. We said hi to those who were on our way to the bathroom before we locked ourselves inside, not caring who saw us go in together. I pushed her down to her knees, her black booties being sat upon by her round ass. Her ripped jeans extended to contain her thighs. She looked up at me and smiled as I undid my zipper and pulled out my aching cock. Its six and half inch length reached out for her.

“Okay so no touching the hair and-” I didn’t let her finish, I grabbed the back of her neck and slid my cock down her throat. A guttural noise came from her mouth, and I stayed still while she acclimated to my dick. Once her tongue began to move under my frenulum I knew she was ready. I pulled out a bit so she could play with the tip. Her eyes had some tears that she was holding back. She very much did not want to ruin the makeup before the party. Her lips looked nice and plump around my member while her cheeks moved showing where her tongue was going. I slowly began to thrust in and out letting her tongue pace with my thrusts. My skin pulled back letting the head of my dick feel the flesh of her cheeks and the top of her mouth. When I felt the pressure from my balls and the pleasure in my shaft start to rise, I put my hands on the sink and picked up the pace. Her hands wrapped around my legs as I pushed further and further. I let out moans as she let out cries from not being able to take full breaths. The pleasure built up and one hand fell to the top of her head. I gripped the bandana making sure not to touch the hair and kept her head still while I thrusted deep into her throat. I let out a loud moan and spilled my built up cum into her mouth. I felt her release one of her arms from around my legs, then felt her stroking my softening cock. I let out some heavy breaths as she licked up the sperm leaking from the tip of my penis.

“Yummy,” she said with my cock slowly coming out of her mouth. I smiled at her. She made a show of showing me the cum pooling her mouth before closing and swallowing. My heart fluttered as she did that. My love for her grew. She licked her lips then stood up to look at herself in the mirror. “And I still look good,” she turned to me and winked. I gave her a spank on the ass and she giggled. She wiggled it for me, “do it again daddy.” I obliged then tucked my penis away. She grabbed my softening bulge and gave me a kiss, “let’s go dance.”

We opened the doors to some stares. She grabbed my hand and strutted out as we made our way to the room where the music was playing. My eyes were glued to the ass that started to grind on me and to the hair I would one hundred percent be pulling on later.

*Let me know what y’all think. This was a little quickwrite exercise for me. I wanna become more active in the community. Would love to hear feedback and suggestions. Thank y’all for your time. Have a good horny day!*

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