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NSFW: yes

It’s getting late, and let’s face it- romcoms are boring as hell. I’m not the one trying to get into Nadine’s pants, so while Alex takes the torment like a man, I just doze on and off. The three of us are sprawled on Alex’s couch. It’s the height of summer so Nadine’s in a wispy babydoll nightie, Alex has swim trunks on and I’m in my standard tank and shorts. Every now and then a shock of cold air will fill the room from the ac. Nadine and Alex shiver dramatically and jokingly cling to each other for warmth. I try to focus on laughing at their silliness and ignoring what the ac’s doing to my nipples. The icy air is like a hard pinch and I’m trying not to enjoy it too much. So I guess from Alex’s perspective, every so often he’d catch me staring at them, nipples poking painfully at my shirt, slightly flushed and subdued. Which might explain why the last time I wake up, Alex’s lap is covered by a blanket that Nadine is clearly under. She’s deep throating him with enthusiasm, her head bobbing up and down, slurping noises emitting from under the blanket. It’s actually pretty hot. Alex sees my eyes open and a devilish grin appears on his face. He puts his hand on the back of Nadine’s head and thrusts his hips at her face. “Suck my cock, baby,” he tells her, maintaining full eye contact with me. The air kicks on. His eyes drop to my nipples. “Yeah, swallowing my cock really turns you on, doesn’t it, slut?” he mutters, probably too softly for Nadine to hear. He reaches out and brushes his thumb roughly against my nipple. The smallest of sighs escapes me. “Yeah.. I know you love getting fucked in the mouth.” He suddenly pinches my nipple hard and my pussy floods with wetness. Still thrusting into Nadine’s face, Alex pulls my shirt down under my tit and squeezes it, almost painfully hard. He flicks my exposed nipple a couple times. He makes a sound of frustrated desire. “Suck me! Suck me off and swallow my come!” And he shoves his fingers in my mouth. He shoves Nadine’s head down and fills her throat with his cock. I’m gagging on his fingers they’re so deep in my mouth, my saliva drips down my chin and onto my tits like come. He yanks his fingers out of my mouth and wraps his hand around my neck. He begins to squeeze. My nipples are throbbing intensely and I’m getting light headed. Suddenly he whips the blanket off Nadine, scoops her up, carries her to his bedroom and slams the door. In moments she’s screaming lustily. I put my hands down my shorts. Her cries become frantic. I come at the same time she does.

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