Play time Friday.

I was having morning coffee and watching the news Friday morning when the phone rang. It was my neighbor Louis. He’s up north for the weekend at his cabin.

I answered and Louis said he wished I was there with him. I asked why, knowing why pretty much. Louis told me that he’s hard and horny and couldn’t get me out of his mind.

Louis told me he was sitting there stroking his cock and thinking about the last time we screwed. I smiled to myself then told him I wanted to watch, to put me on face time.

Louis did this and there he was, stroking his fat, hard cock. I love watching a guy do this. Gets me very horny.

“Show me your body, Dotty. Play with yourself with me, ok.” Louis said.

I told him to hang on a second. I went to the sofa and reclined in the corner of it. I opened my robe bending open my legs. I held the phone out before me and asked Louis if he could see me.

“Oh yeah baby. You’re so fucking hot!” Louis told me, pumping his cock.

I rubbed my large tits, pulling on my nipples. I rubbed down to my pussy and started stroking my wet slit.

“Ohh, Louis! I’m so fucking horny. Watching you jack off is gonna make me cum.” I breathed to him.

I started fingering my wet pussy, keeping my eyes on Louis’ hand pumping his hard cock.

“I wanna taste you, Louis. Lick that precum from the tip of your cock. Grab my head and fuck my mouth.” I told Louis as I started rubbing my hard clit.

“You gonna cum, hon? MMM! Keep stroking it honey. I want you to cum on me. On my pussy and titties. Ohhh!” I murmured in a heated tone.

“I’m close, Louis. Cum for me. I want to see your cum shoot out of your lovely cock.” I said in a soft, aroused tone.

Louis moaned and started cuming. Squirt after squirt shot out of his cock. That did it for me and I grunted through a very hard orgasm.

When I was done cuming I held the phone so Louis could see me smiling. I told him this was great and a lot of fun. Louis said that we’ll have to it again later, then thanked me for the help.

We talked awhile after that and I went back to my coffee in the kitchen. Louis told me I was in trouble when he gets back. I smiled at him and said I’ll be looking forward to that sort of trouble.

This was the first time Louis and I had done this remotely. I’ve masturbated for him before, but in person. Over the phone like that, added a different, naughty excitement to it.

I was still horny, though. Louis got me in the mood for more of something. It turned out to be my lucky day. Young Bobby called me, saying that he didn’t have college today.

“Get over here, Bobby. As soon as you can, ok.” I hung up the phone, tingling all over from the wondered of getting this young man into bed.

I’m gonna ride him to death when he gets here. He better just shut up, lay there, and take it. I know he will.

More next post.

NSFW: yes

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