Planning a STRIP SHOW for my TINDER date and her friends

“So, I’ve been thinking… and I think I can help you make your fantasy come true…” she said as her hand ran down my naked stomach, teasing me with her finger nails.
“Oh? Which fantasy is this…?” I asked.
She and I had met the night before on tinder and our heart-rates had just settled from round 3 in the morning. My arm was around her naked body, caressing her back.
We had matched on tinder and met at a bar the night before and got very flirty very quickly. I caught her peaking at the bulge in my pants, called her on it, to which she laughed. I took her hand and guided it to feel my semi-hard cock over my pants. Things progressed over the next 30min to the point where I’d taken my cock out under the table and she stroked it discreetly as we talked about our fantasies. Fuck tinder dates can be FUN!
The fantasy I shared with her was about stripping for a group of women. Years before I’d overheard two women in an airport discussing what the bride had done with the stripper at the bachelorette party they’d just attended. I was transfixed by the conversation occurring behind me. The conflicting emotions (that’s so wrong, but that’s soooo hot) was something that turned me on immediately.
Over the next few years, I couldn’t let go of the fantasy (and still haven’t really…). I wondered about what I would want, and decided that a club setting wasn’t for me, that I would prefer a private party for a small group of women. I told my tinder date all of this as she stroked my cock.
An hour later I was doing my best to strip for her in the clothing store she own. Unfortunately I hadn’t worn underwear that night, so my options for removing clothing were more limited that I would have liked. Plus, she was very willing, and so my “strip show” was reduced to me doing a good job teasing my shirt coming off and her hands over my chest, a decent job of my belt coming off and button being undone… but once my cock was visible she was reaching into my pants to try to suck me. I’m proud of the fact that I had the will power to pin her arms to the armrests as I straddled her body, my cock teasing her just below mouth level. But once I’d released her arms she had me in her mouth within seconds and I was powerless to withstand. We ended up fucking all over her store.
But back to the morning…
“I was thinking this morning… I could plan a little party for some of my friends, we have wine, and I let them know there will be special entertainment…” she said as her fingers caressed my lower stomach.
My cock jumped realizing what she was suggesting. She looked down at it, then up at me with a smile.
“Are you serious?” I asked.
“Totally. We’ve had birthday parties and bachelorette parties with strippers, and we always had fun. But most of us are married now and we haven’t done it in ages. I think if I suggest it, and let everyone know that you are doing it for fun and you aren’t a professional, there would be a few of us that would love to watch. We’d just need to talk about what might happen…”
My cock was rising quickly now, and she again looked down at it, then up at me, then wrapped her hand around it.
“I’d fucking love to do that… what do you think we need to discuss…?”
Her hand started to slowly stroke my cock, almost like she wasn’t aware. I leak a lot of precum under ordinary circumstances, and given the topic of conversation was so close to my heart (or should I say, close to my cock) I was already leaking.
“Well, I think we should start with rules. I think most of my friends will be open to having fun, but you just never know how far each person is willing to go…”
“So what do you think…?” I asked, with my head slightly spinning at the possibilities.
“I think you should just let women know you are here for their enjoyment, but if they don’t want any more attention to just say ‘I’m done’ in your ear, and you’ll move on to the next…”
“That makes sense” I said, acutely aware of her hand teasing the head of my cock now. “I always planned to have fun explaining my rules…”
Her eyes lit up… “Oh? Do tell!! You tell me what you had always pictured doing and I’ll let you know what you should adjust…”
“Well, I always thought I should start by explaining my rules. And that first off everyone should have fun. But then I want to go up to one woman that was seated, take her hands and run them over my chest and tell them ‘it’s ok to touch me here.'”
“Oh, I like the audience participation” she says, lazily stroking my cock.
“And then go to another woman, straddle her legs, run her hands over my ass and tell them ‘it’s ok to touch me here too’. And then come to you, stand you up, trace your hands over my chest, down my stomach, and over the bulge in my pants, and say ‘and of course it’s ok to touch me here…'”
“I know my friends would love that. I just need to make sure they’ve had a few glasses of wine…”
“So then I think my plan is to take laps of the room. Spend a few seconds with the woman that seem into the show, interact and tease, and with each lap I’d up the ante. The first lap would start with just dancing with them. I’d go to the first woman, pick someone that seems to be having a good time, motion for her to stand with me, and pull her in to dance hip to hip, slightly grinding on her. Then the next woman, do the same thing, but then turn her around so we are more grinding ass to hips.”
“That’s so hot. And I like the playful icebreaker aspect of it” my new friend said, teasing the head of my cock with her fingers. “If you spend about 15 seconds with each woman, they are all going to want their attention. They won’t want to be left out. Most of my friends are married, and I think they are wanting to let loose a little.”
“Sounds perfect” I reply, trying not to be turned on by the married woman aspect that I KNOW is so wrong, but at the same time is SO hot to me. I’m certain she felt me cock get a little harder in her hand as she said that. “So then the next lap will be my shirt coming off. I think I’d start with one of the more shy women there, and run her hands over my chest to the first button and motion for her to undo it. Do you think even the shy friend would do that?”
“Oh yeah, that’s nothing but fun.” she said as her hand was working my cock. The contrast of discussing this seemingly life-long fantasy while a near stranger is stroking my cock was incredibly surreal. It was like the most delicious ‘out of body’ experience, but happening very much ‘on my body’.
“Then I move to another woman, and have her undo the next button. And so on until my shirt is open. I think with each woman I’d either be straddling their legs in their chair, or sitting on their lap facing away, or inviting them to stand with me… is that too much?”
“No, no. That’s perfect. It’s all still innocent, and sexy fun. No one is doing too much, but everyone will be enjoying it.” she said, kissing my chest.
“The last woman I’ll have to pick one of the women that seems to be the most into it, and she’s the one that is going to either stand with me as I take my shirt fully off, or she’s going to take it off for me.”
“I’ll be curious to see which one happens. I can see it going either way, depending on the woman. It would be really sexy to touch your chest while you take your shirt off, but it would also be really sexy to be the one to take it off…” she replied.
“Oh, I know, right?” I laughed. The sheer volume of sexy ideas in this scenario was blowing my mind. “Then I think once I’m shirtless I’ll do another lap of just dancing, but this time get a little more naughty with the dancing…”
“What do you plan on doing?” She asked, her hand picking up the tempo for a second.
“Nothing too much more… Just letting them get comfortable touching me, and hopefully enjoy feeling how hard I’ll be against their legs or asses. Maybe let my hands explore them a little more, like lifting their arms up over their heads and tracing them down their sides and over hips. Stuff like that…”
“That’s so hot. I think they are going to love that. You’ll have to read the room as to who wants what, but I think this all sounds so fun so far…”
“And this is where I think it gets a little more fun…” I said with a wink. “The next lap is going to be taking off my belt and pants. I think I’d do the same thing as the shirt, and just let each woman do a little bit. One undoes my belt, the next takes it off. Maybe I give her a little spanking with it. The next I get to undo the button of my pants, and then you slide them down my hips and I step out of them. Obviously I would encourage a little touching along the way. Letting them run their hands wherever they wanted.”
“Yeah, this will be the turning point…” she said. “Some women will be getting all worked up, and some will opt out around here. But when in doubt, keep coming back to me… I’ll push the limits!”
“oh yeah? What would you do?” I asked with a new spark in my eye.
“Well I think its pretty clear I like to touch your cock. So once I take your pants off all the women are going to be enjoying the bulge in your shorts. I’ll give it a playful rub so they know it’s ok. Maybe I’ll even suck it over your shorts…”
With that, she pulled my cock towards her mouth and slowly sucked the head between her lips. “Go on, don’t stop telling me now…” she said with a smile.
“Fuuuuuck” I sighed as she worked my cock. “Now I’d go back to a lap of interaction, but focussing more on the women that have been a little more open to this point, and getting a little more hands-on with them.”
She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and looked up at me. “Oh, tell me more?” she said before taking me back in her mouth.
“I think I’d stand the first woman up, and everyone would be expecting me to dance with her like I have before… but this time, I’ll turn her around and put my hand on her back and bend her over as I’m behind her. Playfully grind my bulge on her ass…”
“Oh, that’s hot. She’ll be embarrassed but also so turned on…” my friend said before taking me deeper back in her mouth.
“Then the next woman I might crawl up between her legs, lift a leg and kiss up it. I’ll have to pay attention to see how she reacts before deciding how high to kiss…”
“Oh, I was at a bachelorette party once and the stripper did that with a few women, and would bury his face between their legs. I’m pretty sure that he was teasing them with his tongue either over their pants or panties. And because it was over clothing and just for a few seconds it seemed to be ‘innocent fun’ but we were all wanting so much more by then!”
My new friend started to sit up now, still lazily stroking my cock, but moving into position straddling my legs. She was stroking my cock in front of her pussy, and starting to slowly grind her hips. My senses were on overload.
“So do you think I should do the ‘reveal’ in front of the group, or do the towel thing that you see in porn and give everyone the option for a private reveal?” I asked.
“For sure the towel thing…” she answered, raising her hips up and guiding the head of my cock to her pussy. “Remember, most will be married and will want to have plausibly deniability that they did anything, but most will want to have at least a little moment where they stroke your cock. You’ve got a great cock.” She then sat down, slowly taking my hard cock inside her. We both allowed ourselves a moment to enjoy me being inside her before settling into the slowest of fucks while continuing the conversation.
“And so then after the towel I do the reveal?” I asked.
“I know that’s your biggest fantasy, but in all honesty, with my friends I would recommend you stop at your shorts and then offer private dances. I get the sense you want this to go as far as possible, and I think you’ll have way more success if you just tease the hell out of them in front of the group, and then take the eager ones in private. I’ll even go first to break the ice.”
“That’s really fucking hot. I mean, I’d always pictured everything happening in front of the whole group, but I guess the reality is I just want a fun experience and would be thrilled to do whatever leads to the most fun. What do you think will happen in private?” I asked as she continued to slowly ride the full length of my cock.
“Well, you can pretty much be assured they are going to want you naked there. There is no sense in going in private unless they are going to take it to the next level. So that is where you should probably do a little tease, but then lose the shorts. You can do the private dances in the change room of my store…” My brain flashed to the night before when we’d moved to the bench in the change room and I was fucking her hard as she sat on the bench with her legs up over my shoulders. “I know for me personally I’m going to suck your cock when you pull it out.”
“That sounds like heaven” I replied as I started to push up into her pussy with more intensity, but still very slowly.
“You just have to either not cum or be able to get hard again quickly. You’ve got a lot of women potentially.”
“This isn’t the sexiest question… but how do I manage that?” I asked, acutely aware of the difference between this frank, casual discussion of a very sexy topic, while fucking a stranger. It was a subtly sexy moment.
“If you want to give dances to as many women as possible… I’d recommend you do one song for each woman, get naked almost right away, and just kind of follow their lead. I would guess most women are going to suck you. Your cock head is so suckable that I’m not sure anyone will be able to resist that. And I can see how some of my friends might want you to go down on them, and I can see how some might want you to fuck them…” She started to pick up her tempo without a word. I didn’t even realize it at first as I was still trying to wrap my brain around the possibilities.
“You think it’s realistic that some women will want to fuck?” I asked as my hands made their way to her breasts.
“It totally depends on the woman. But I know a lot of my married friends are bored in their marriages and missing some excitement. Plus, as I’ve said, you have a very pretty cock. The second I saw it last night it was like an instinct to want it in my mouth. Your cock head is so hot. So, yeah, I can see a couple of my friends wanting to push it a little once they get behind closed doors. I think a couple of them are already playing on the side here and there, but I’m not certain.”
My cock swelled at the idea… She felt it too. She started to ride me with more intensity.
“And then you have to decide…” she continued. “Do you want to cum, when do you want to cum, and with who? I mean, you might have the woman that is most into it as the first private. You might be most attracted to the last one. You might have 2 people that want dances, or 5 people.”
“I didn’t really think about that…” I said, sitting up. She got into position on her back and I crawled up between her legs, pushing back inside her wet pussy. “I mean, I’d love to experience ‘servicing’ a few woman, even if that’s just a dance and a quick stroke. But it would be hot to have multiple women suck my cock.”
“And it will be so hot for us on the outside of the change room too…” she said with a sly smile.
“How so…?” I asked.
She started to move her hips underneath me as she explained. “Well, remember, the change room isn’t a room with permanent walls. It’s just a curtain. And it’s just around the corner. So we might be able to see your feet, clothes on the floor, and we will definitely be able to hear some of what’s going on.”
I stopped and looked at her. The idea was so hot to my exhibitionist side.
“Should I be quiet then?’ I asked.
“Oh hell no.” she laughed. “I mean, don’t ham it up and be over the top, but give us a show on the outside. I think we’d all go silent and listening if we heard you moaning, or skin slapping together, and it would be really hot to hear you cum.”
The idea was too much for me to take. I muttered something about how hot the whole idea was but my attention turned to fucking the beautiful woman underneath me. I hooked my arms under her legs to spread her wide and started to fuck her hard.
“Oh fuck, your cock feels so good, just like that.” she muttered in my ear.
It was only a minute until my cock throbbed and then pulsed cum inside her as she came on my dick. Once our orgasms subsided we looked at each other with me still inside her. “Are you serious about this?” I asked.
“oh yeah, I can make it happen.” she replied.
Unfortunately a couple of weeks later she started seriously seeing a guy, and the dream died. I still haven’t acted out the fantasy, but still hope to one day.

NSFW: yes

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