Plain, ‘butterfaces,’ and ‘less attractive’ girls like myself often try harder and are better in bed than hot supermodels. (24f)

I am the type of girl who straddles the line between a plain and boring face and a hot body. My face wont get you hard but my personality will warm your soul.

Ok, maybe I am being harsh by saying I am ugly but I’ve at all times been the quiet insecure girl. I was bullied by some of the girls growing up for having plain features and it’s at all times left me feeling vulnerable and insecure. I was homeschooled because of my anxiety and it wasn’t until school that I finally came to terms with who I was and embraced my positive features and my flaws as part of who I am.

I know I am not the prettiest girl and some men have told me they’d rather be sucked by an average girl like me than a supermodel because it makes them feel less insecure or feel like they have to perform and live up to the expectations a beautiful girl who has her pick of men tends to place them under. I love to suck a cock as the guy tells me all the things he finds unattractive about me as he smacks his cock against my face and I blow him…. it is so emotionally intense, sort of like a hybrid of a roast and a blowjob. The first time this happened was back in school when a drunk guy told me “You suck good for an ugly girl.” It fucked with me mentally and made me suck him even harder.

To be honest, having a guy tell me he I am not that pretty but he still wants me is a gigantic self esteem boost and turn on. I am my own worst critic and well aware of my flaws and insecurities, so having a guy acknowledge those things and tell me something like “You arent the prettiest but I want to slap my cock on your face and watch you going down on me” makes me melt because I know he isnt lying to me and acknowledges the things I am insecure about in a way that turns them into positives. I like knowing that he has the option to be with more attractive women, but for just this moment in my life, I am the one who won out against the hot chick.

NSFW: yes

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