pizza delivery with a happy ending

I use to deliver pizzas for a few months to make some extra cash. I got some weird deliveries at times some cool ones some no tip ones. Well one night I delivered to a apartment complex on the third story. I knocked on the door and the person was a young woman very short and not thin but not fat just thick.

I’m at the door and she’s like come in and let me get the money. So I walk and put the pizzas on the table and she is by the couch on a small table counting change. She is wearing a low cut blouse exposing her boobs and a short skirt and no shoes. She is counting like taking her sweet ass time. I’m just standing there and she bends down to pick up something off the floor and when she stands back up her skirt stays up exposing her butt cheeks.

I’m just staring at her big round ass and again she squats down and back up but she picks up her skirt all the way up as she stands back up now I see no panties at all just bare ass. She bending over so I kneel down to get a better look between them thighs and I see a little pouch not a pussy but a nutsack. I mean this looks exactly like a female except now im seeing a nutsack lol.

She turns back to look at me and I’m kneeling down and she says I’m trans but I’m female all the way except for that. She says you can touch if your curious see what it’s like. So I go for it I begin rubbing that ass and it’s real smooth like a woman’s skin. He starts to moan and I spread open her ass cheeks and lick my finger and begin to finger her asshole first slow then I begin slamming my hand in her asshole and she can barely stand up as her legs begin to get weak.

She pulls away and aak if I can do her a favor and I’m running on time here lol since I’ve been here almost 30 minutes already. So I call my boss tell him I had to stop at a tire shop that I got a flat tire. So I’m just there and she comes back from the room all naked. She had these enormous tits big fat ass but between her legs this small little penis and nutsack that was really small almost looked like a little clif. She tells me to take off my cloth so I do and she opens the front door I mean all the way open lol. She like don’t worry I know my neighbors. Ok I guess but still so she tells me to lay on the ground on the carpet.

I lay down and she gives me a pillow for my head. She grabs a condom opens it gets on her knees and ask are you ok with this I reply yes for sure. So she puts the condom on my dick and with her mouth she works it all the way on my shaft. She stands up grabs some lube from the counter and comes back rubs it all over my dick on the condom. She turns around and squats on my lap slowly putting my dick in her tigh ass asshole. I mean I can see my 8″ dick just stretching her ass open. She gets it in and she just sits on it for a few minutes then slowly starts grinding my dick. After a few minutes she gets on her feet and squats on my dick going up and down all I see is her big round bubble butt. Now remember the front door open and this girl moaning loud as fuck lol.

I tell her I’m going to cum and she gets off takes off my condom and starts sucking on my dick but she 69 me puts her ass on my face all im seeing Is this small dick right by my mouth. So fuck it I put it in my mouth her whole dick and balls are in my mouth and I taste her cum it’s just like creamy lol I describe it. Not going to lie it tasted ok lol but after it got fast I felt nervous cause my job and I got out quick as feasible lol.

Anyway we are still friends to this day this happened in 2016 and yea sometimes we mess around.

NSFW: yes

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