Perspectives of a Hollow Man Ch. 1 (18M/18F) (oral) (heterosexual sex)

A hole has many uses. It can store things. It can hold objects. It can be filled, and it can be emptied. The hole may begin in an empty state, but soon be overflowing with objects. However, holes are unsanitary. After placing objects in a hole, they will inevitably come back to you in worse condition, dirtier and used. I now ask this question: Why use the same hole time and time again, when you can use a new, fresh hole each time?

This is my introductory paragraph, and I’m damn proud of it. This is the only time I’ve ever actually put effort into any writing assignment. If I don’t get a good grade on this bullshit, my English teacher Ms. Duffy will flunk my ass and I’ll get expelled. Fuckin bitch. Why do I have to spend my time writing about shit I don’t care about when my true talent is on the football field? Wish I could tell Ms. Duffy to suck my balls, but unfortunately I need to get on her good side. I’m a great wide receiver on the field, but apparently not good enough for USC to completely disregard my shit grades. I just need one A in a class, and they’ll offer me that football scholarship.

There are three things I care about in this life: Football, weed, and pussy. Football’s my way outta this dumpster fire of a college and my ticket to university.

Weed is my savior, what I need to take my mind off of things that I may possibly give a shit about. Nothin like taking a big-ass puff with my homies to push away any and all dramatic thoughts. Keeps me sane, keeps me calm, it keeps me free.

And finally, pussy. Pussy doesn’t need any explanation, and I think my introductory paragraph illustrates my entire viewpoint on pussy.

Speaking of pussy, as I’m writing this, a bitch just left my apartment. She walked out with my jizz still warm and sticky in her bush. I won’t lie, she felt better than most of the other bitches I hook up with. Something about that snatch was just special. Those pussy lips gripped so tightly, satisfying as fuck. Damn, writing about this is kinda fun! Alright, I’m going to begin writing about all the bitches I’m with, starting with this one.

Girl #1: Katie Myers. Brunette, thin, soft natural C cup titties, cute round ass.
Sexual Encounter: Met her at our game today at college. Dalton High, our college, vs Milwall Magnet, our rivals (also a college for nerds). She saw me make the winning catch of the game, and naturally she asked for my number after it was over. I gave it to her, then invited her over to my place to show her something interesting that I wondered she would like. Surprise, surprise! That thing was my cock. She agreed, like they all do, and I drove her back to my place. I gave her a quick tour of the place and ended with showing her my bedroom. My bed is not the most impressive thing in the world. It’s an inflatable air mattress with one blanket that’s too small to fit the entire length of the mattress. Katie was not impressed. “Seriously Brock? This is your bed?” She said to me in a bitchy tone, which actually turned me on. I’m a fan of the bitchy voice on a woman, makes me think of them as disposable fucktoys. I turned to her and said “Sure, my bed’s fake, but this dick is 100 percent real”. I pulled my jersey’s pants, protective gear, and jock strap off, revealing my hard dick to Katie. Yes, I know that line I told her was corny as fuck, but I knew it didn’t matter, this bitch was already mine.

Her face went from slightly annoyed to flummuxed when she laid eyes on my dick. She was about to begin undressing when she suddenly stopped. She took three steps closer to be within kissing distance of me. She asked me “You want me to take control baby, or you want me to be your obedient little slut?” I was heavily turned on by this question. I truly appreciated her asking me what I was into, but there was only one choice for me. “You’re my fucktoy, and you’re gonna do everything I tell you too, starting with addressing me as either ‘Daddy’ or ‘Sir’ from now on. Do you understand?” I spoke with an authoritative tone, and I could see her bite her lower lip in anticipation. “Yes Daddy, I am your fucktoy now. What is your first order for me?”
My dick hardened, as I grew excited. “Your first order is to get down on your knees and lick the head of my thick cock. Now, slut!” I beckoned at Katie with force.

She dropped to her knees, opening her mouth. Holding my dick with her right hand, she wrapped her wet tongue around the head of my dick. She licked it expertly, coiling her tongue like a snake. I ordered her to spit on my dick and jerk it with her left hand, lubing it up. She did so, and continued to lick my now wet and sticky cock head. Without any warning, I suddenly thrusted my cock deep into her throat and held her head there. She was visibly shocked and unready for this development. As i thrusted back and forth while pushing her head into me at the same time, I could feel her gagging hard on my dick, gasping for air. I kept her in that position for a few more seconds, before removing my cock from her throat to let her breathe.

“Bitch, what the fuck!?” She exclaimed at me through a fit of coughing and gasping. “I could have passed out dumbass!”

I slapped her hard in the face. “Slut! I told you to only call me ‘Daddy’ and ‘Sir’, that’s no way to talk to your superior! Apologize right now bitch!”

She complied in a reluctant but also obedient fashion. “I’m sorry Daddy, are you going to punish me for this?” I smiled. “As a matter of fact, I am, my little fucktoy. I’m going to lie down on my bed. You’re going to take off your top quickly, exposing to me your supple titties. Next, you will turn around, bend over, and pull down your skirt and panties. Spread your asshole wide for me to see, and finger your pussy for a few seconds. Once this is done, lay on top of me, and guide my dick towards your pussy. I will proceed to suck your nipples and rail your pussy harder than you’ve ever felt, and I want to hear you moaning at the top of your lungs, screaming my name. You got that bitch?” I could see the gears spinning in this ho’s brain trying to remember all the words i just spoke to her. “Understood, Sir”.

Author speaking here, not the character in the story. I find out that this chapter is not completed yet, but I’d like to see some feedback on the story. If any of you readers want me to continue the story, then please leave a opinion and I’ll try to finish this chapter at least. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write some more chapters following the same character with some more character development. So, tell me what you guys think!

NSFW: yes

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