Period sex ._.

Went on a date last night and he fucked me on my period and ate me out .. I was nervous at first cause I never came across a guy who was really into having sex on a girls period so I told him before hand you know “ it’s that time of the month “ and he responded with “ oh you think I care “ LOL . We proceed to make out and he like really wanted to rub and touch on my pussy so I finally let him and then he like out of nowhere just shoves his face down there and starts eating me out and MIND you I still have my tampon in so I immediately tell him like “ um wait I have my tampon in still “ and he did not care he just kept going and I was like omggg wth .. After he ate me out like I was his last damn meal he begged to watch me take out my tampon and than fucked me in the shower so good ! I just kept getting so turned on by how much he enjoyed eating me out on my period and how much he really did not care I was on my period ! I wondered it was odd / nasty at first but omg lol NOOO it was the best sex I probably ever had .

NSFW: yes

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