Perfect begin to a day off

I’m 33f, he’s 34m. We woke slowly this morning and cuddled, he got up to feed the dogs and I brushed my teeth and dozed back off in bed. He returned to cuddle in bed and started licking and sucking my nipples. His hands roamed to my thong and he rubbed my pussy slowly. While I enjoyed he made his way down to my pussy and took off my thong. Started by kissing my pussy, and then slowly licking inside of me with his tongue. Slowly and so wet, his tongue was driving me insane.

I pulled his head up when I couldnt contain it anymore and wanted him inside me. We started making out and then he put himself over me, put his cock at my opening, started rubbing his cock along my pussy and clit. He put his cock inside me and then started fucking me hard. Thrusting hard and deep right away, and I was so wet for it. I moaned and whimpered as he fucked me so hard and passionately. He moved my leg over to place me on my side and started fucking me even deeper. I grabbed my vibrator and placed it on my clit while he fucked me hard. My pussy started to squeeze him tight. So fucking wet. He made me cum while he was inside me. He kept thrusting and I begged for his cum. He came deep inside me. The feeling of his throbbing cock pulsing inside made me cum again.

We cleaned up and layed to cuddle and I gave him a headscratch. Before long, he turned his head to suck on my nipples. I saw his cock stiffen again. I made my way slowly to taste him. There was precum, my favorite. Started sucking and licking his cock while he moaned. He moved my body and started licking my pussy again. I was still so fucking wet. He entered me and started fucking me in missionary, and I asked if I could ride him.

I climbed on top and lowered my pussy onto his glistening cock. 30 second into riding him i am whimpering his ear that he’s gunna make me cum. I lose control and begin a serious of three orgasms on his cock. He holds me tight while my body writhes and goes limp while my pussy rides and grips him, out of both of our control. After I cum, I’m so hungry for him to be deep and I ask if he’ll get behind me. He tosses me on all fours. Starts thrusting deep into me and I pound him back. Asked him to cum inside and he did. We collapse together in the aftermath of our hot passionate double fuck where he made me cum 5 or 6 times.

First day off in a while and couldn’t be happier.

NSFW: yes

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