Peeping Neighbor – Short Sex Story

My FWB Milf (52f) and I (25m) were laying out by her backyard pool today. She loves to work on her tan. She has a 6’0 privacy fence around the property, but her neighbors can easily see down into the backyard from the 2nd and 3rd story of their house .

My lady was laying on her stomach , and wearing a thong. I was sitting up in my chair next to her chatting with a few of you reditors and decided to slide her thong to the side and started rubbing her cunt , clit and asshole . Of course this got my cock hard , so I pulled my cock out of the side of my swimsuit. Once i got her cunt nice and wet , i started to taste her off my fingers and using the wetness to rub my cock . Before long i was full out stroking while i chatted and scrolled pics on this site .

At some point i happened to look up at the neighbors house , and i could see the wife staring out of her bathroom window at me. I couldn’t make out what she was doing , but she was definitely watching me stroke . I made it a point not to take my eyes off her as i stroked. When i was ready to cum, i rolled to my side , and shut 4 or 5 cum ropes on my lady’s leg. I never took my eyes off of her as i cleaned the tip of my cock of the last few drops , reached over and fed my cum covered fingers to my lady while she read her magazine.

I am sure i have seen her spying on me on previous jerk sessions, but today it was confirmed . Her and her husband have been over to my lady’s house several times in the past for parties and what not , and i have hung out with them a lot. Nothing from the the wife has ever been insinuated . Can’t wait for the next gathering !

NSFW: yes

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