Party Games [MF, 18+] [Teasing] [Female Orgasm]

I (M22) am at a party with mostly women, there’s one girl who is really hot and at all times seems into me when we’re talking, but I hadn’t had a chance to take anything further.

She turns up to the party in a loose short skirt and tight blue top and gives me a hug when she gets there. I feel her modest breasts press into my chest and she pushes her waist towards mine, which instantly makes me hard.

After a bit of flirting, we decide to all play a game. The rules are there’s 4 people around a table, one underneath and the typical premise is that your meant to tickle the people at the table and they are meant to guess who is being tickled.

Eventually it’s my turn under and things begin normally, until I get to this girl. I begin tickling her feet and then start tickling behind her knees. Something about the softness of her skin tempts me to do a little more, so I begin touching her thighs and then start caressing the inside of her thighs.

I continue for a while and she seems to be enjoying it, so I slide my hand under her skirt and begin caressing her soft thighs higher and higher. As I stroke her legs higher I feel them tremble slightly and she shifts ever so slightly forward in her seat. I stroke her thighs until I meet her underwear and begin lightly stroking her on the outside. I can feel her warmth and wetness with my fingers which urges me on further. Her hips seem to thrust into my hand as I stroke her warm, throbbing vagina.

I have no idea how she is still not showing any signs of losing the game, they are all chatting like typical above the table, so I decide to up the intensity a bit.

I gently pul her underwear down her legs, she lifts her ass slightly to give me the space. I slide them down her thighs and legs and then over her shoes. She parts her legs more as I finish, so I start by sliding my hand up her legs again, teasing her without touching her where she desires it most. After enough teasing, I slider my fingers across her clit and down towards her vagina. She is so wet, it’s starting to trickle downwards, so I take some and slide it back up to her clit, where I slowly start caressing. I slide my fingers up and down her clit, moving freely with the lubrication of her desire. I can feel her getting warmer and more turned on, so I decide to start kissing her thighs and working my tongue all the way up to her pussy.

At this point, I am so turned on myself I can not even tease her. I dive in and begin licking her as silently as I can manage, going from her dripping vagina, towards her exposed clit and back again. I begin with soft full tongue strokes, tasting every bit of wetness as I drive it towards he clit, as I progress, begin to point my tongue more focused on her clit and start flicking it over and over again. I take my fingers once again and slowly insert one inside of her as I lick her clit, exploring every inch I can reach. I carefully maenover my finger around, gently teasing her insides. I can feel her legs begin to tremble more at this point, I don’t even care if people find what’s happening, Im not gonna stop until she cums.

I stop flicking her clit and take everything in my mouth, gently sucking as I fuck her with my finger, I suck her quite hard and then just take her clit in my mouth and suck it while rolling my tongue along as hard as I can.

Her leg trembles even more and I can feel them uncontrollably shake, I hear some commotion above the table as they accuse her of being tickled, I continue without hesitation and suck her clit slightly harder while moving my finger inside of her.

Her legs stop trembling as I ease off and emerge from under the table, stuffing her underwear into my pants to hide them. Nobody seems to know what was going on and my girls face is completely red at this point. She gives me a wink and then declares it’s her turn to be under the table…

NSFW: yes

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