[Part 4-end] Until I fucked my bestfriend’s brother, I was a virgin.

“Damn, I’ve been wanting to do that to you for a long time.”

“To fuck me?”

“Yeah.” He looked me up and down.

I smiled but then heard a noise coming from upstairs.

“Oh my god, she’s awake” I rushed over and pulled on my soaked panties and clothes.

He whispered to me, “Let’s do this again.”

I glanced at his perfect body and closed the door rushing to the kitchen. I was in the middle of pouring water when my bestfriend came in to the kitchen rubbing her eyes.

“Oh hey your down here grabbing water too?” She looking sleepily.

“Yeah, you know how I can’t sleep, you want me to pour you some??” I asked pretending like I didn’t just fuck her brother.

She looked at my pants and laughed “Nicky your pants are literally on backwards.”

My heart dropped and I tried to laugh it off, “That’s so embarrassing, omg.”

She was oblivious, “Your such a klutz, I’m going back to bed. See ya in the morning you better not sleep in Ms. Night owl we’ve got things to do.”

She went back up to her room and I let out a sigh of relief I hadn’t been caught. Then adrenaline was rushing and my legs were still sore. It was the first time but not the last.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Sorry I made it into by part, it’s so long and I want to be detailed about it 😀

NSFW: yes

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