[Part 3] Until I fucked my bestfriend’s brother, I was a virgin.

For a moment I was snapped back into reality, “What if my she hears us?”

“She won’t you know what a deep sleeper she is,” hushing me with a smirk “but if your concerned that I might make you moan too loud, bite on to this.”

He handed me one of his shirts and I used at as a gag.

I was on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped fingering me. I looked at him with pleading eyes but he shook his head.

“You cant cum yet.”

I realized I hadn’t done anything for him yet, but when I looked down he was still hard.

I stroked his cock and moved it towards me. I started to rub against him and he let out a little moan.

“You like that?” I glanced at him.

He nodded this time moving his cock closer waiting to enter me. I was hesitant because It would be my first and he was gigantic. But he didn’t wait for me and he pushed in eagerly. I let out a shriek. His hand moved quickly to cover my mouth and he pushed me down on the bed.

“Hush, you don’t want anyone hearing us do you? What would you do if we got caught?”

I nodded and bit on the gag. He moved in and out fast then slow. I could feel myself shaking and holding in my moans. He was also trying not to make noise. I remembered he wasn’t wearing a condom and just as I was about to remind him, I felt it. I orgasmed and he came inside me. I could feel his cum dripping out of me and I lied there shaking.

NSFW: yes

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