[Part 2] Until I fucked my bestfriend’s brother, I was a virgin.

Throwing a blanket over himself he said, “Woah, why didn’t you knock?”

He wasn’t quick enough because I already saw how big his cock was.

“I… was that a picture of me you were jacking off to??” I asked eying the blanket.

“What?! No, that was just some girl I swear.”

“Hey, it was a picture from when we all went to the beach together. I remember because you were teasing me about how small my swimsuit was.”

“Fine, it was.”

“Huh, why would you use a photo of me?”

“Because every time I looked at you in that swimsuit I would get turned on… I know it’s hella weird because you’re my younger sisters friend.” He shifted.

Still staring at the blanket I could see he was hard, “Are you turned on right now?”

“Yeah.” He said looking to the side.

“Well I’ve never… done anything… but maybe I could…” Moving closer to him, I remembered how long I’ve liked him for and in that moment forgot who he was to my bestfriend.

He looked up and moved the blanket off of him. I had never seen someone’s cock before and I could feel myself getting wet.

“Come here.”

I took off my pajamas and was left standing in my underwear and bra. He reached forward and pulled me onto him, I felt his cock touch my skin as I straddled him. He started to touch my chest and lowered my bra. Pulling me towards him he licked me gently and slowly. At the same time his hand started to reach for my pussy. I touched it and moved it away, I was embarrassed for him to know how turned on I had become. After he had kissed me and caressed my body for a few more minutes. My panties had become wetter and this time I let his hand take them off and he felt the lips of my pussy. It was weird I had never had someone else feel me down there. But it felt so, so good.

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