*part 2* Even the small dicks work ;)


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so back in high college i was around 16 17 at the time right around end of junior year i had this guy who was a computer nerd type of guy you knoww not my normal type and he would all the time flirt with me and i sort of ignored him for awhile until one day i said screw it why not give the man a chance and at first when we hung out i had some regrets you know he was really nerdy, it felt like i was the first girl he had ever talked to but then we started chatting more and more and i started to fall for this man and by the summer time between my junior and senior year i was regularly hooking up with this guy and it was soo weird like not him well not at first ahah but his package wasn’t the biggest he wasn’t the best looking and he was a little nerdy but whatever he did in that bedroom he knew what he was doing he had me so feral i was crying while gagging on his little dick and i loved ever second of it, it got to the point where i was calling him over multiple times a day just so he could make me cum 3 times a session and this lasted for a good year when he finally moved away with his family but that was one of the best relationships i’ve ever had and despite everything that i wondered i wouldn’t like in him i ended up liking it all 🙂

NSFW: yes


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