Parking Lot Meeting (fantasy)

I’m sitting in my car in a quiet corner of the mall parking lot. My shorts around my ankles as I perv at the ladies and stroke my cock. I see you walking to your car, you’re wearing a short dress that shows off your great legs and a tight top so I can see your big boobs jiggle as you walk. seeing and watching you makes my cock harder and I stroke myself faster. As you get close to your car you look up at me and I’m sure you can see the lust in my eyes and you know what I’m doing.
You put your bags in the car and I’m relieved, thinking I got away with it. Then you close your door and approach me. I panic and try to pull my shorts up but my rock hard cock isn’t making it easy.
You lean on my door and say: “mmm and what do we have here?”
“Sorry” I stammer as you hush me with a finger on my lips before sliding your hand down to my cock. As you warm, soft hand wraps around my cock I moan softly. Your hand moves up and down my throbbing shaft, stroking my cock, squeezing the head, milking my precum.
“Let me sniff your panty” I beg as you continues to stroke me, my cock oozing deliciously salty precum.
“But it is dirty” you say.
“I don’t care, the dirtier the better” I reply.
You look around, making sure no one can see us then you quickly remove your panty and hand it to me.
I take your panty and place the crotch against my face, taking a deep sniff and enjoying the amazing smells in your panty. I take turns to lick then sniff the crotch as you stroke my cock harder and faster.
“I’m about to cum” I warn you.
Your only answer is to grip my cock harder and stroke me faster until I begin to cum. My cock spurting 6, 7 then 8 thick spurts of hot cum all over myself. You continue stroking my cock until I begin to soften in your hand. Then you push your cum covered fingers in my mouth for me to lick and suck them clean. Scooping some cum of my chest you feed me some more.
“Now you owe me, my pussy is so wet” you say. “Follow me” you command, “we are going to my place s you can lick my pussy and return the favour.”
“Yes ma’am” I reply “I would love to lick and taste your pussy for you”

You jump in your car and I follow you in mine. Luckily you stay not far from the mall. We stop at your place and we go inside. As soon as the door closes I turn you around and begin to kiss you. My tongue slipping into your mouth, kissing you passionately.
I push my hands up under your tight top and lift it up, exposing your big gorgeous tits. I cup your boobs and squeeze and fondle them as I kiss you deeper. I bend down and take each of your perfect nipples into my mouth, licking and sucking them till they are hard. You moan softly as I suck them harder.
You are so turned on you push me down onto the floor, lift your dress up over your hips and sit on my face. You pull your lips open and grind your pussy and clit on my mouth. I lick your juice wet pussy and clit, stick my tongue into you and tongue fuck you. You moan louder and louder which makes my cock harder and harder.
You sit forward on my face and pull your ass open, giving me access to your asshole. I lick and rim your tight backdoor, tasting your ass, pushing my tongue into you.
You take turns to grind your pussy and clit then your asshole on my face and tongue. As your orgasm approaches you grind harder until you climax and squirt your juices all over my face.
You fall forward and lie down on the floor relaxing in the after glow of your orgasm. I get up behind you and take off my shorts.
I grab you by the hips and pull you up onto all fours before sliding my hot hard throbbing cock into your wet pussy. Your pussy is so wet and warm and tight around my cock, my balls slapping against you as I gently fuck you from behind. I put my hands on your hips and begin to fuck you harder, pulling you back onto my cock as I thrust into you. I can feel my second cum of the day building up as I pound your yummy pussy. I slam my cock deep and hard into you then begin cumming, filling your hot pussy with a nice load of thick tasty cum.
As I pull out I hear these words, “You better clean that up!” which sends a shudder through my body.
“Yes ma’am” I respond.
I get down on my stomach and lick your cum filled pussy from behind. I watch as you squeeze and contract your pussy and a thick ball of cum oozes out of you and into my waiting mouth.
Mmm it tastes so good, my cum, your pussy juices all mixed together.
I can see a second glob of cum and I put my mouth against your pussy, sucking and sticking my tongue deep into you to get every last drop of cum out of you…

NSFW: yes

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