Out The Ass

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Practice #020.1: Out The Ass

Source: Original

Lead: Male

Tags: Anal, Snackbang

Keira comes out of the shower with her hair neatly dressed, a smile on her face and a bell around her neck. Ethan sits on their bed in nothing but his underwear, waiting for his partner to trade virginities.

“Cute,” he tells her in a soft tone as his eyes weighing heavy with the wondered of their first time. “Thanks,” she giggles cutely, throwing her hands behind her back to show off her breasts. “Let’s uhh.. get started then.”

Keira gets on the bed and crawls towards him, sending a rush of blood to Ethan’s dick. At a loss for words, “Cutie,” he repeats. She slithers up the length of his legs leaving kisses on him as she crawls up his body before chewing at his briefs. “Shanksh,” she smiles with a mouth full of boxers.

She inches it slowly up and over his bulge, releasing a wide and angered serpent. “‘Oly vuck,” the figure of his ally surprises her, so much she freezes in shock to stare. Breathing deeply, she lets out a massive exhale before meeting Ethan’s eyes with a laugh muffled by his clothing.

Keira pulls them a way past his balls before freeing her bite and grabbing either side with his hands and removing them completely. “Big,” she climbs onto him, impressed with its shape and size. “Just how I like it.”

Confused by the statement, Ethan lets it slide. They’d both never done it but he didn’t know that she’s been practising. She climbs on top of him, Ethan sitting up with pillows stacked beneath his back, and straddles his bare meat.

“Ooh~,” he begins moaning with their looks fixated on each other. He watches her face intently as it bobs up and down, and after only a moment (which was very many minutes) she lifts herself and squirts an amount of lube on her hand.

“It’s time,” Keira looks down with a threatening expression. “Scary,” Ethan whimpers. She giggles and moves her arm behind her with her hand lowered to her hole. She raises it, glides it along her backdoor and lifts his cock to penetrate. While she’s bent over, she embraces his body with a hug.

Ethan shuts his eyes in slight embarrassment. Embarrassment that he was so willing to finally fuck. He holds his breath. She lowers herself. Tight. Almost too tight.

Already, Ethan almost cums from the fact that he’s inside. Keira begins bouncing which effectively revives him. His breath is let out and follows with sounds of pleasure. Pleasure from both of them.

“God, fuck,” Ethan says under his breath. “You’re tight,” his cheeks turn red. Keira giggles. “Thanks.” “Let me see you,” he whispers into her ear. No response. “Don’t have to,” he tells her. “If you’re uncomfortable.”

“You’re too nice,” she tells him. “I pranked ya.” Kera leans back and claps her cheeks against his pushes. Her cunt was very much vacant. Ethan takes a moment to realise. She keeps bouncing.

“Eh, what the fuck?” Ethan holds himself back as much as he can, a little disturbed at her trickery. “You want to stop?” Keira asks, still taking him in. Realising how much disgust he showed in his words and expression, Ethan refrains.

“No, no,” he tells her. “I was just…Expecting to start with your, you know…Just start normally.” “Well…” Keira puts a fingertip to her lips and her eyes drift to the ceiling and back. “It just doesn’t feel good. Not to me.”

Ethan laughs nervously, noticing the tape over her vag. “But anal is good?” He looks at her with his arms crossed, perplexed. “That’s right,” Keira admits. “I probably like it more than most guys even. How is it? Do you like my butthole?”

“No complaints from me,” Ethan stutters“ It feels really, really good.” He thrusts into her and rests his hand on her thighs. “Then it works out then,” Keira tells him. “You’re good to do this every night then, right? Like, use my butt?” She giggles.

“Sure,” Ethan tells her as his fingers dance closer to the tape. “As long as I get to try this out sometime.” “Hey,” Keira warns him. “Leave it.” Laughing alone for a second, he notices she kept silent but busy. He couldn’t tell if she was joking.

-Mother x Phoenix

NSFW: yes

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  1. MothersHollow

    If you wonder why some Practices from me are missing, I uploaded them all last time and got banned…

    So, this time I have chosen not to upload some of the more risky ones in fear of them being too dark – and, to be fair, they are!

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