Our ten year anniversary in vegas

M (31) F (30). It’s finally here our 10-year vow renewal and also our first time in Vegas ever. We never had a honeymoon or anything, So this is our first time away without family. Besides our ceremony, we didn’t have anything planned besides gambling and fucking.
After our first day of walking from casino to casino, I was ready to get her to the hotel room. She had been teasing me all day. Every chance she got she would kiss me on my neck rub up and down my leg while telling me she wants me to bend her over and fuck her in front of our big window overlooking the city. I would tell her how bad I want my dick in her mouth and she would stroke my dick through my shorts. Sometimes she would stroke me while the waitress was taking my order and she wasn’t very inconspicuous about it most of the time.

Finally, we get back to the room, she immediately goes to the bathroom and a couple of minutes later she comes out in a sexy purple lace lingerie set. Been together so long but she still amazes me. Her tan skin, thick thighs, fat ass, curves for days, gorgeous pierced tits it’s all breathtaking.
She comes over pushes me on the bed and starts taking my dick out and starts sucking the tip and kissing down my shaft. Next thing I know she has all 7 inches of my dick down her throat, holding it there she looks up at me eyes watering. She starts bobbing up and down and twisting her hand at the same time. Holy fuck you’re going to make me come if you don’t stop I yelled. I need to taste your pussy!

I get up flip her over and lay her on her back I put her legs up to her shoulders and bury my face in her pussy. I licked and sucked on her clit. She quivered and shook as I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy. She yelled she needed me to fill her pussy up so I did as I was told. Her legs still to her head I rammed my dick inside her. Started pumping in and out hard and fast. I love it when she can not talk just shakes her head up and down in approval. I stopped telling her to go to the window. I have her bend over tits against the window. I slip my dick in and begin fucking her hard taking my dick almost out and shoving it back in. I feel her legs shake and her pussy tighten up, I’m cumming she screams. I pump in her a few more times til she tells me to get on the bed so she can bounce on my dick.

I lay down she can not help herself she takes my dick down her throat again licking all her cum up before getting on top and sliding me inside her. I grab her tits and put one in my mouth while I pinch the other one playing with her nipple ring. That sets her over the edge again cumming hard. Her pussy tightening almost sets me over the edge also I’m trying my hardest not to cum yet. She slows down telling me she something I wasn’t expecting her to say… Treat me like a cum slut and cum all over my face and tits…my dicks twitching inside her ready to explode. I tell her to lay on her back head hanging off the bed and as soon as she does I begin shooting rope after rope of thick cum all over her face shooting all over her tits. I shot 7 big shots all over her. She rubbed it all over her tits and shoved most of it in her mouth like a good cumslut.

The next morning I woke up to my dick down her throat. Best vacation ever.

NSFW: yes

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