Our night with Kate, while her husbands away(mff) – Short Sex Story

I know you guys love hearing about my wife taking other men, but this weekend it was just us and another girl.

Kate is a stay at home mother of 5. Her husband works security for a well known band is away for weeks at a time. Kate texted later on Saturday and asked what we were doing that night since her kids were sleeping at their grandparents. Since her husband was away I told my wife to just go hang out, but Kate insisted the 3 of us go out. We decided we would pick her up and grab drinks at a local place and just keep it low key. When we got to her house Kate came out and looked incredible. Being a mother of 5 she usually in sweatpants or baggy clothes, but tonight she looked completely different. She was wearing a flowy skirt with a tight low-cut top, a tremendous amount of cleavage showing, even my wife was amazed at the transformation. Her blonde hair was curly and she had crystal blue eyes, as she walked her tits bounced, I was getting hard just looking at her. When she got in my wife complimented her and so did I. At the bar we had a few drinks and the girls went out to dance, they were getting a lot of attention. My wife came back to me but Kate danced another song and had a young guy grinding behind her. She came back to the table and laughed that she could feel his small Dick between her cheeks, she liked the attention and she said it made her horny. We had a few more drinks then Kate invited us back to the house.

When we got back to the house Kate poured us another round of drinks. We talked for a bit and then she brought up the guy at the bar. I asked if her husband would be mad if she danced that way and she said no it turns him on when she does that. She told us how hard it is to discover time for herself and even harder to get off especially with the husband away. Kate said they will usually use FaceTime and show off for each other. My wife said we do the same and that she loves showing off, as we drank more the conversation turned even dirtier. We could see Kate was texting during the time, then I get a text from her husband saying “make sure you take care of her”? I was confused and he texted again “she will explain.”

As the next round of drinks came out Kate began talking how horny she was from the guy at the bar, I could see my wife following right along. Kate sat right next to my wife and complimented her on her large breasts, my wife reached up and squeezed kates tits and said hers were nice too and to stop hiding them. Now the girls are grabbing each other and giggling, my wife told me how nice they were and I should feel them too. As I grabbed one, Kate said to wait and pulled her top off exposing her large full d cup breasts. Since she was breastfeeding they were still very round and full with a slightly darker nipple. They felt so soft but full, her nipples went hard as soon as I touched her, she let out a soft moan as a pinched her nipple harder. My wife told me to stop teasing Kate she is horny enough, I told my wife to take her top off too. When my wife let her gigantic breasts out Kate took one and sucked her nipple. I was so turned on, my wife leaned back a little and enjoy the feeling. Kate then apologized for being so forward, my wife grabbed her face and kissed her. The girls were now making out topless and squeezing each other, Kate paused for a second and grabbed her phone. She FaceTime her husband, she was topless and said she has a surprise, Kate turned the phone to my top less wife who then greeted him hello and the girls began to kiss again. They were wild with each other, lots of tongue, lots of grabbing, and even my wife running her hand up Kates skirt. I could now see the phone and kates husband had his pants off and he was stroking himself to the girls.

Kate suggested we go upstairs and continue, at that point I had no idea how involved I would be but I wanted to watch either way. We got in the the room and Kate turned a ring light on and set the phone next to the bed so her husband could see everything. My wife took off her cloths and sat on the bed, Kate slid her skirt down showing her gorgeous round ass to the camera and went and sat next to my wife. I took my shorts off and walked over to them, kates husband didn’t say a word as i entered the frame. I stood between the girls and my wife pulled my boxers off, my rock hard cock sticking straight out. Kate said it was the biggest she has seen and started to jerk me off facing the phone. I could see the look on her husbands face, it was slight dread and slight excitement. Kate took me in her mouth and was blowing me in front of her husband. After a fun few minutes my wife asked Kates husband if I could fuck Kate. She told him how horny Kate was and that she needed this tonight. He agreed and began to play with himself again. Kate laid on the bed, I pulled her legs up in the air and started to enter her tight wet hole. She was so wet that even though she was tight it still glided and stretched her nicely. Once I was all the way in Kate looked at her husband and said that I am much bigger than him and it felt amazing. I was a little embarrassed but needed to fuck. As we started to pick up speed Kate wrapped her legs around me pulling me in more, her large breasts bounced back and forth and began to leak milk. She didn’t even notice or care as we continued to fuck. My wife leaned in and kissed Kate as she rubbed her own clit. Kate looked back to the phone and asked her husband if he liked seeing her fucked like a whore. He mumbled yes, she kept saying how big my cock was and that it was tearing her up. Her husband ended up coming to the sight of us fucking, she told him that she was hanging up so she could keep enjoying herself like a slut. She turned the phone off and jumped back on me, she was loud and aggressive, she told my wife how lucky she was to have such a big Dick to fuck.

Kate asked my wife if she wanted a turn, but my wife declined and said for her to enjoy it. I stood up and lifted Kate up off her feet and bounced her on my cock as I was standing. Her legs dangled as she held around my neck, it was so deep and forceful Kate was screaming as her tits leaked like a hose. Once she could not take anymore I set her down and she turned her back to me. She asked me to stick it in her ass, I looked to my wife who shook her head yes. I eased into her ass slowly until she was stretched, then we fucked hard, I was pounding no mercy on her and she loved every minute. I couldn’t handle the intensity anymore and filled her ass with cum. We fell onto the bed breathing heavy trying to catch our breath.

As we left she thanked us for such a fun night and asked to do it again sometime. When we got home my wife said she had a surprise. It was pictures and some videos of me fucking Kate. Some she had taken and some were from kates husband. I went hard immediately, my wife and I fucked as we watched the videos back. All in all I am glad Kate urged me to come out that night.

NSFW: yes

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