Our new friend visits and I distribute my fiancé with him.

It was two weeks after our experience with Jesse, he came to visit us one weekend. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or Brooke. He showed up around 6 on Friday and after settling in, we went out for a nice meal. The whole time, Brooke was lightly touchy and flirty with Jesse. He was playing it off and I was hard watching her.

Brooke and I had talked and we said there we no boundaries between her and Jesse. We had told Jesse that before but he was a gentleman and you could tell he was hesitant to make a move. Brooke wasn’t hesitant. As soon as we got home and Jesse sat down, Brooke straddled him and started making out with him. She was grinding on him, I’m sure getting him hard.

Brooke then slides off of Jesse and is on her knees in front of him. She unbuckles his belt and pulls his pants to his ankles. His large, hard cock smacks his stomach. She grabs it with two hands and put the head into her mouth. She then starts to bob up and down on him, being really sloppy and wet. I’m as hard as a rock watching and I had to join.

I go up behind Brooke and pull her leggings down. She picks her knees up so I can get them completely off. She knows what I want and sticks her ass into the air. I strip down and slide my dick into her. She’s so wet. I grab her hips and fuck her fast as a rabbit. I’m so excited, I nut in two minutes. That just made her more horny. She gets up and straddles Jesse again and lowers herself down on him. My cum has her lubed and she easily puts him all in. He takes her her top and bra off and sucks her perfect, full breasts.

She’s bouncing on him hard and fast. I hear her say, “fuck Tom, I’m cumming.” She throws her head back and her legs started shaking. She’s screaming in pleasure as she cums. I then her Jesse grunt and I know he’s cumming and filling Brooke’s pussy with his cum.

Once Brooke is finished with her orgasam, she gets up and I see the cum drip out of her onto Jesse still hard dick. She sucks it for a little bit, to clean him up. She looks at me and tells me it’s time for bed. She gives Jesse a kiss and whispers something into his ear.

We both fall asleep fairly quickly. It wax still early, around 10 but we’re both exhausted. Around 1, I hear Brooke get up. I ask her where she’s going and she says, “in there with Jesse. I need some more of his dick.” She leaves and I’m instantly hard.

NSFW: yes

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