Our new friend visits and I distribute my fiancé with him. Pt2

Hearing Brooke get up and saying she gonna fuck Jesse’s BBC got me instantly hard. We were sleeping naked and seeing her perfect body, knowing she was fixing to fuck, gave me that nervous excitement, even though I just watched her fuck him earlier.

“Keep both doors open, I want to hear you two.”

She blew me a kiss, shaked her ass and walked out. It didn’t take long before I could hear her giving Jesse a sloppy blowjob. I could hear him moaning as I could hear her gaging too. I had my eyes closed, stroking my cock, imaginating what was happening.

It went silent for a little while until I heard Brooke say, “fuck yes Jesse, eat my pussy. Make me cum.” I could hear her humming and moaning. A couple of minutes later, I hear her scream, “YEEESSS,” Brooke was cumming.

It went silent again. I was still stroking myself with my eyes closed. I was imaging them starting to fuck and I was correct. I heard Brooke say, “fuck, it’s so big. It feels so good. Pull my hair while you fuck me.” I knew Jesse was fucking her from behind. The next thing I hear is the headboard hitting the wall and Brooke screaming with pleasure. The next thing I know, I’m cumming all over myself. I look at the clock and it’s 1:30 and he’s still fucking Brooke hard.

There was another moment of silence, I’m assuming switching positions. I hear Brooke begin moaning again. I can actually hear her wet pussy and I get hard again, even though i came a couple of minutes ago.

“Oh shit, I just love riding your big cock Jesse. Let me know when you’re going to cum, I want it in my mouth.”

I could hear the headboard hitting the wall again and I knew she was riding Jesse hard. I wanted to go watch but let her have her fun. Plus, I think hearing them might be better than watching. I look at the clock and it’s 1:45. She been riding him for almost 15 minutes. Finally, I hear him say, “oh shit baby, hear it comes.” The headboard knocking stops and I can hear Brooke going, “MMMM,MMMM,” and Jesse is grunting. She’s taking his load in her mouth. I didn’t realize I was stroking myself again and I came again.

I heard Brooke get up, go into the kitchen and get a drink. She came into the bed and cuddled with me. She was rubbing my chest and stopped when she felt my sticky cum all over me.

“Did you cum all over yourself Tom?”


“You naughty boy. Thank you for this. I’ll give you something tomorrow, I promise.”

She kissed my cheek and fell asleep.

NSFW: yes

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